...and I will hear you.

i was moved to tears and rendered speechless. such a hopeless romantic. watch it, if you get a chance. it's a story worth learning about the land down under during the Japanese invasion and retold in a way only Baz Luhrmann could tell; full of magical imagery and delight. the romance between lady Sarah and Drover is ahhh...dreamy. just like military man and mine. well, maybe i exaggerated  a little or a lot. 

here's a sneak peak at the 2008 film...Australia.

ps. the movie was brought to me by Apple tv...love me some Apple tv.


  1. I sooooo want to see that!! Hope all is well!!! Any word on orders yet??

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  3. This movie has divided the critics here in GB right down the middle. Pummelled by some and adored by others. I guess I'll have to go and see Mrs ex-Cruise and check out for myself. Many thanks for your post.

    Greetings from London.

  4. Hi everybody,

    Tanya, still no words on orders. N is fuming! I know you'll love the movie, it's right up the military wives alley.

    MM -- thank you sweetie, for always checking out my posts. see you soon!

    Cuban, I love your visits. Just remember, I'm a little cheeky, love a sappy love story, and I loved Moulin Rouge. As far as the ex Mrs. Cruise, her lips were a bit distracting (you'll see what I mean) but her acting was quite good. Hope you enjoy it.

    Until next time!


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