Green Window

Crazy day today. I had to make sure that we had everything squared away for our Walk for a Cure in April. It required lots of copies and, of course, the printer at home ran out of ink. So, off to Kinko's, I went. Then other miscellaneous errands and to the girls favorite kids place for a play date. A good day overall. The days not over, yet. I'm on a short break before I run boy wonder to CCD classes, to the market and bedtime rituals times three. No, wonder 2009 feels like a race. So, much to do.

green window

Here's a memory of a much slower time. This was part of our European vacation. We stopped in Leon, Spain to visit military man's family. The wall is part of his ancestral home in Solana, a small village outside of Leon. This is a place where time has stood still. However, my time is rushing by and three are talking at me all at once. Who can blog under these circumstances. Gotta run. Wish I could expand on this story. Maybe another time.


  1. Solana has not change and it is a great place to relax and have fun. The kids play soccer or run around the fields looking for whatever their imagination has reserve for them...Thank you honey for all you do...this blog is phenomenal...keep it up...love you Noel

  2. This is a beautiful picture and I love how the green pops off the page!

  3. Such a beautiful photo! The rapport between child and mother is fantastic! Many thanks for this lovely snapshot of your family life.

    Greetings from London.


Thank you.