Sunday Morning in Bed

I don't get to sit in bed and watch television very often. So, when military man offers to bring me hot chocolate and some toast to my bedside; I seized the opportunity to be pampered. Don't get too excited for me. We don't have cable...viewing options are limited. Well, I watched a piece of Joel Osteen's sermon. First, time I ever watched him. Thought he was sweet.
Next, Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood came on. Loved the whole thing. Every segment was great. Learned a little about Van Morrison and thoroughly enjoyed the list of books that people have lied about reading. But there was more.
Who knew that the employment rate was so high? Yes, high! The media and the president are constantly reminding us of how many jobs have been lost. Leading us to believe that everybody is on the verge of losing their jobs. We know...we get it...we read you loud and clear...we're in a recession. However, recessions do not always lead to depressions, except for people's moods. We are constantly reminded of how many individuals are struggling. I feel terrible for those who have lost their jobs or on the verge of retiring with retirement funds that are close to zero, if not in the red, already. I wish more could be done for those people and fast.
Other than having a relaxing morning, my early rendez-vouz with the tele reaffirmed the notion that the media and programming, in general, set the audience's tone. The media and politicos are infusing fear into the veins of many, when they should be looking for additional ways  to employ the unemployed, boost everyone's confidence and most importantly recover retirement plans. The administration is trying with the current stimulus package, but is this a band-aid solution? Where is this money coming from? Well, primarily from China. We are now deeper in debt to them. Is this what we want are children to inherit? More debt?
I, personally, like what Ben Stein has to say in this clip. Have a look.

(Rewind if you must. I couldn't help myself...I had to rewind. The first time around all I was thinking was "Beuhler, Beuhler" and "Anyone, Anyone." But I digressed)
Cheerleading or looking to a spirit leader maybe undermining the population's anxiety and a little cheeky. Wouldn't you agree that we need to hear better news? The main idea here is try to focus on the positive. Focus on those 90+ percent that still have their jobs and are doing well with their mortgages. Let's look to those people to see what they have done right.


  1. Oh, you also know about people fibbing about what books they have read? Pathetic, I say. Good post, and hot chocolate in bed, what's not to envy about that :-)?

    Greetings from London.

  2. Yes, I do let him spoil me from time to time. = )

  3. Hubby watched the Van Morrison part. I heard it when I got out of the shower. And I love the word cheeky!! Great video!!! Let him spoil away!!

  4. I would love for your followers to post any hints for me to spoil you with...PLEASE...Noel


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