memory, no.1

young man & the sea

Make a Kid Happy 
If you want to make a kid happy 
Just put a fishing pole in his hand 
As soon as he snags one 
He’ll feel like the King in his land
There’s nothing like the feel 
Of a tug on the end of the line 
His heart starts to race instantly 
It could be a branch with a little twine 
It’s not only the sport of fishing 
But he’s bringing food to dinner 
So proud that kid will be 
A sport that makes him a winner 
So if you want to make a child happy 
Get him started in this wonderful game 
Put that rod in his hands 
He will never again be the same!

--Marilyn Lott

the first day back to our usual routine has me reminiscing about the wonderful week spent in key west. there was overcast that day, which lent itself to the perfect conditions to fish off the side of the road, literally. we drove around the key to find a good spot, casted out our lines and hoped for the best. we caught very little but it was a great day, nonetheless.


  1. This should be hung in his room so he always remembers such a wonderful day!

  2. I agree with Jules...I am still thinking of the bikes rides to downtown for ice cream and cafe cubano...also seeing the kids waking up and the first thing they do is go in front of the villa to go fishing...it was a great week honey. Thanks for the idea and a great vacation...

  3. Hello! I just ran across your blog and had to tell you I just love it. Your photography is beautiful and inspiring for a lowly beginner wannabe photographer like myself. I think I'll follow you if you don't mind :)

  4. ARGH...I love, love, LOVE this photo!! You are so darn creative!!! Are you going to frame this one??

  5. Thanks All. I'll be stopping by for a visit soon!


Thank you.