memory, no.2

the smiling face of a happy boy
with its enchanted key
is now unlocking in memory
my store of heartiest joy.

and my lost life again to-day,
in pleasant colors all aglow,
from rainbow tints, to pure white snow,
is a panorama sliding away.

the whistled air of a simple tune
eddies and whirls my thoughts around,
as fairy balloons of thistle-down
sail through the air of June.

o happy boy with untaught grace!
what is there in the world to give
that can buy one hour of the life you live
or the trivial cause of your smiling face!

-- James Whitcomb Riley 

taken while vacationing in San Miguel de Allende in 2004. military man was on a six month deployment, so, i booked a flight out of Mystic, CT for a change of scenery and balmier temperatures + a visit with my father in mexico city. deployments are long and traveling, if at all possible, is a necessity. we did a lot of traveling that year. i wonder how i will cope a deployment with three children? lets, hope i'll never have to find out. wishful thinking on my part. 

well, the trip to mexico was the retreat and distraction that was needed. boy wonder was just two years old and such a little gentlemen. look at the huge smile on his face...back in the day when he was an only child.


  1. WOW...he is now seven and I don't think he has change his looks and smile a lot...I only wish I was there...I will get on the phone and see what the detailer has to say this week...love you...Noel

  2. Those are the stolen moments you have to hold on to. You've captured it well!

  3. Ahg! What an adorable little face! Great catch :)

  4. This beautiful beyond words. That is one of the loveliest images I have ever seen. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. Thanks Cuban!

    Saludos de la Florida.

  6. Lovely memory. Beautiful blog. Blessings to you, Amy


Thank you.