UnPhotographed but never forgotten.

This is unusual for me. I always have a picture to share but tonight I will forever hold this image in my mind.
As I was in the office reading, Lucy (aka girl wonder) tugs at my hand and tries to pull me away from the couch. She keeps repeating, "Mommy, come on. Cory's asleep. You have to put him in the bed. Come on, come on, maaahhmmy." Mind you Lucy is all of three years old and already acting like the mother. Well, I didn't hesitate because she seemed so concerned. We walked over to the living room where he lay asleep. She was a few feet ahead of me and this is what I will remember always. 
She walks over to him and ever so gently tucks the covers under his chin, softly pats the blanket, wipes his brow and sweetly places a kiss on his forehead and whispers, "goodnight, Cory." It was the most precious moment I had the luck to witness between those two. 
During the course of the day, I never know if they can stand each other with their typical sibling rivalry. But this night I will always remember that kiss goodnight. 


  1. You're right. No photo will ever capture the magic of that moment, never ever. Many thanks for sharing. I, too, have had precious moments like those which I keep in the drawers of my memory.

    Greetings from London.

  2. That is sweet! I can picture it in my head. No photo needed.

  3. OH NO...I missed it...She is awesome...love you

  4. I just noticed you're reading the Shack. I am too. Or was. It started getting really weird in the middle, so I've kinda been slacking. Is it worth finishing?

  5. Sweet! Makes it all worth it...

    Saw you on 30something, thought I'd stop by!


Thank you.