My head is racing with this latest news. I'm excited overwhelmed and shocked. The news we've been waiting to hear for about four months...the detailer (the man in charge of our fate and lodging for the next two years) phoned to tell us that he can guarantee our top choice for the next duty station. 

Arrivederci Florida...we're going to Italy or so it seems.

What I mean by guarantee is that, so far, we have a verbal agreement. Which is about the best that we can get due to the budget cuts. Our lovely Commander in Chief has been scissor happy and cutting away at the defense budget. So much so, that it has affected relocation and transfers. Basically, there is no money to give final written orders to anyone until the next fiscal year, which starts in October. This explains my potpourri of emotions. I will not be able to physically see myself anywhere until late fall. But we have to have faith in the system. One that has provided us with sixteen years of security through slow economic trends and the doozy of this recessions that has reached global proportions.

First, things first... a temporary move with family for about six months because, in addition to the exciting news about Italy, we also got word that military man deploys this summer. Unbelieveable! Yes, two moves, a deployment and a trip to Spain for a wedding. A crazy summer this way comes. 

Oh, I crave the simpler days.


  1. A crazy summer indeed. What a way to finish these tough two years...not only were we dealing with me being gone during the weekdays. But now a 4 months deployment...I can only think of Sep/Oct and Italy...is that picture from our Disney Med Cruise?

  2. I'm so envious of you AND I'm happy you're not goint THIS week. I hope this doesn't put a damper on your plans.

  3. Gee whiz, is that's all that's going on? It's not like you have to geo-bachelor, plan for the kids' schooling, plan on where to live, plan on all the relocating to a different country, moving twice during a few months (kinda like SOAC, huh?),and still be a mom/wife...because that would cause some stress. ;o) JK!!! I'm very happy that y'all got some orders (albeit verbal ones...which are always the best kind...NOT!) and that you have some kind of timeframe of when.

    Girl, I'll be saying some prayers for you. If anyone can handle it, you can! What an awesome wife/mama MM & the kiddies have in you!!

  4. Boy, it does sound as if things will be pretty crazy for awhile...hope you will indeed end up with the assignment you're wanting!


Thank you.