easter weekend

Picnik collage We are catching up on quality family time and enjoying every minute. As I'm typing this, I hear Lucy cooking in the background, father and son playing the wii and Nina having play soup on my lap and pining for the keyboard. Have a wonderful holiday!


  1. Those are some pretty eggs you all have there. I was stuck counting those fish again, so I had to put the comment box over them or I would never get here. Highest count was 5, and not even sure why I am still counting. I just wanted to make sure there was not a sixth one hiding somewhere.

    I hope you all have a beautiful Easter celebration together.

    Hubby was a military man for 9 years and I was a military woman for 2, way, way back in the land of time, before this volunteer military was created. Okay, well hubby was still in when it started, I was already out. Our oldest step granddaughter in the Air Force is over there in Italy right now. And our nephew also in the Air Force is in, I think Germany right now too.

    He just left a few months ago. He is a pilot and so we do not always know.

    The kids sound like they are having fun. And the Wii is a lot of fun, we keep one here for the grandkids. Although hubby was playing it tonight, some war game. What is it about military men and those war games.

    Thank you so much for visiting, I really appreciate this when you are so busy. Thank you for the egg post beauties.

    God bless and Happy Easter.

  2. Love the brightly decorated eggs!!! Very creative!! Happy Easter!

  3. Lovely eggs, Liza!!! Happy easter!

  4. From Abuelita Maria. Hola mi hija, bellos nietos y adorado yerno. Happy Easter! Beautiful eggs, my grandchildren did a great job!
    Love you all! See you soon.

  5. nice pics. sorry i missed them last week for TT. looks like you had fun with the eggs!


Thank you.