seeing dots? seeing floral?

it depends on the hour of the day you're visiting. well, I'm testing things out around here. found these new backgrounds and other extras free at shabby blogs. you know how much i like free. they are cute, however, i think there's a certain age when cute is good and cute is just age inappropriate. me thinks i'm approaching the later. expect things to change frequently with the blog's appearance until "goldilocks" finds the one that fits...thanks!

it feels like i have blogger's tourette.


  1. It can take ages to get the look just right for a blog. Spent hours if not days last time I changed mine, so keep experimenting and have fun :-)

  2. Girl, I hear ya! Looking forward to seeing which one Goldi picks! ;o)

  3. I like tourettes. It keeps my busy.

  4. congrats! i remember my first "discovery"...feels good! pic is great!


Thank you.