this weekend

soccer, sidelines, sun + silent reading...

Our niece drove in with the rest of the family for a soccer tournament we couldn't miss.

this weekend       this weekend

this weekendWhat do you do with a picture that is over exposed and yellow? Make it into a polaroid. I really loved the action in these shots and the colors gave it an edgy&vintage feel to it, therefore, the look was exaggerated with a polaroid border available through picnik premium. This sounded like a advertisement, didn't it? My apologies, I wanted to share the photo recipe. The family was enjoying itself during the game while I experimented with light. It was mid afternoon with the sun pointing straight at us. Not always the best conditions for photography but sometimes the gods smile upon us. Here's the sideline entertainment. this weekend
Finally, some sun and silent reading after a long soak. According to the mister, this was the children's idea. They laid out the towels and picked out their own reading material. Too cute! The mister even tried a few shots on manual setting, while I was giving my feet the attention they needed. Bravo..I'm rubbing off on you.

this weekend this weekend

Great job, honey. I don't know whether to be proud or jealous. The best part of this weekend is not photographed...the best part is that Noel, military man, will be home for two weeks, which means as I write this note he sleeps and will not wake at 3:30 in the morn for his weekly trip to the sub. We are so thrilled!


  1. don't be jealous!!! be proud that you taught me how to take a picture and have half of your eye to capture a moment...it was their idea and it was awesome...it is great to be home...

  2. Hooray for 2 weeks home together!!! Your children are just too cute...esp. that idea of reading outside on their towels...what little smarties they are!!! Y'all should be so proud to have such beautiful & intelligent kids!! Noel...can you teach my hubby some tricks?? Both of you take wonderful photos!

  3. Gorgeous pics! I'm happy for you getting your two weeks! Enjoy!

  4. Gorgeous photos. I love the vibrant colors in them!

  5. Liza your kids are gorgeous and so are the photos!

  6. Thanks to all. Your words make my day!

    mm -- Don't steal my thunder!

    Tanya -- We ARE very proud.

    Kelly -- If only the two weeks could go in slow motion.

    Lola -- Welcome!

    Susana -- Glad to see you again. Hope things are well!

  7. Honey, I will never steal you thunder and I will NEVER be a match to my teacher, who has an increible eye for the secrets that surround us...love you Noel


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