Looking into the future.

From the belly of a Fortune Cookie opened last night after a quick takeout meal with military man and the wonder kids...


How did it know? Another serendipitous moment to add to the library. I just hope and wish that my experiences will be blessed and my connections fruitful.

p.s. (posted later in the day) The move to Italy is looming but the temporary relocation back to my hometown is closer. We plan to move from our home for the past four years in less than two months. I'm in complete denial. Military man is keeping me in check. He handed me a ledger and forced me to compile three lists. List A, contains things that will be kept in storage while in Italy; list B, is made up of things the Navy will ship there; list C, are the things that will be expressed shipped to our temporary lodging in Italy, while looking for our new home. 

Two + half hours it took to itemize/catalog our entire household...room by room. Two + half hours summed up what it has taken four years to collect and organize....just two + half hours. 

As excited as the move to Europe will be, I can't help but feel a great loss for the place we're leaving behind. We have rooted ourselves here, more so, than other duty stations. Our routines have been lovely but in the recent months I have joined an exciting group of ladies that I wish I could get to know much more. They have taught me so much and have provided me a safe place to reveal thoughts and feelings that have been buried for a long time. Oh well, it's better late than never. I have benefitted from their friendship and because of them I am leaving enriched and hopeful for the future. 


  1. Hey Girl...I'll say a prayer for y'all during this hectic time!Definitely exciting and stressful!


Thank you.