And away we go...

I believe the saying goes, "God only gives you what you can handle." Well, I'm handling too many household goods and mementos at the moment.  It's moving time. The movers are coming next Wednesday and the inventory agent just left the house to assess our household items which will be stored until he gets back from deployment. Some things will stay and others we'll take with us overseas. 

Military man had asked me, "What do you want to take?" The only things that are of any importance to me could fit in a medium size box. The rest can just stay behind or be given to charity. This feeling reminds me of my family's stories about their moves to the US from Cuba. They came with the clothes on their backs, a few photographs and special items that held some sentimental value to them. That's my biggest dilemma right now. It's not the second set of china that I care to keep. It's the special mother's day gifts with little hand prints that I know I will just die if they get lost or damaged. The hundreds of scraps of papers that say, "I love you, mommy" that I'm archiving with no monetary value, yet priceless in a my eyes. So, I wrap and box these things up, say a prayer and hope that I will be seeing them once again.  

This also explains the hiatus from photography and the blog. My spirits are low and anixiety is HIGH, which makes it difficult to write and focus on a subject to capture behind the lens.  I've been on a roll the last few months but just as I'm taking inventory of goods, I've been taking inventory of how things have evolved with both my photography and the blog. Don't get me wrong, they will survive but for now things are slow. Not to mention that exposures by liza is up and running. I did it! The business is finally open, thanks to the many words of encouragement from friends and family and comments from you. I hope to be freelancing, shooting events and portraits in the near future.

I'm anxious to get back to normalcy but who am I kidding my life won't be normal for a looong time. It's time to enjoy the ride. 


6 :: 50

Too tired to write tonight...maybe, tomorrow?

5 :: 50


theme Thursday :: Whoops!

A mother's daily list of Whoops while on the way out of the house. 

Children strapped in the car, garage door slowly closing, backing out of the garage and down the street...

1. Whoops...Forgot, my phone.

Driving back home open the garage door, run in the house, turn off the alarm, grab phone, back out, the garage door starts coming down...

2. C@#P! Whoops, Forgot...diapers.

Before garage doors hit the ground, click them back open, swing door open, turn off the alarm, grab diapers, set the alarm, start backing out again, doors begin closing...

3. "MOM,  Nina spit up." "What the #$^^!" Whoops!

Stop car, garage door start to open, get baby out of seat, swing door open, bang security code on keypad, clean baby, run to car, strap back in, climb into car...

4. (Spanish expletives) Whoops, forgot to turn on alarm.

Get out of car, swing door open, set alarm, click garage close, etc.

Get the picture. No wonder I'm exhausted and irritable by the end of the day.

wednesday wishes + words of wisdom

A hot-tempered man stirs up dissension, but a patient man calms a quarrel.
proverbs 15:18

I'm commiting this to memory. The verse and message is clear but as I read it,  my mind changed it slightly to this...

A hot-tempered child stirs up dissension, but a patient parent calms a quarrel...
lizabee & co.

Changing scriptures to suit my needs is not mt intention . They are written just as they need to be. Its speaks volumes in its original form and especially useful, in whater form, when dealing with a seven year old with major attitude. I swear he thinks he's turning 20.

4 :: 50

LBG_0176 LBG_0168 LBG_0167

My little lady in white. 

Multi-tasking today; I thought it would be a great idea to get some exercise by biking to the park with the girls and end the morning with lunch. It all sounds lovely doesn't it? However, in Florida in the middle of May it's a sweltering nightmare. It was so hot! Not to mention we are not a pedestrian nor bike friendly state. There were so many places with bumpy sidewalks or none for that matter. Come to think of it there are many places in the states that are like this. Something's got to change. Come Big "O" (and i don't mean Oprah) let's make some changes, huh? Some PSA's would be good. Remember, the "Reading is Fundamental" days.

I love biking but hate the fact that you have to drive bikes to a trail or adequate area for a nice stroll. The area were I live could have more people on foot or bike, however, no one thinks to do it. We need to support a campaign like this one in Sonoma County on the west coast. I would love it!


3 :: 50

maybe, I should have renamed this project car week. this beautiful wreck sits in front of a restaurant within 100 yards of my neighborhood. i've passed it thousands of times reminding myself that I need to take a shot of it. Finally.



memory no. 6

I have many memories going through my mind these days. the move from this house which i've called home for the past four years is only three weeks away. boy wonder and i are not looking forward to it. he keeps playing with his friends likes it's his last day. i should learn from him when it comes to living in the present moment...in the now. i find myself saying yes much more often and bedtimes are being stretched later and later each day. 

girl wonder has no clue and the memory of  boy wonder screaming and begging me to go home when we drove upto our recent gated community. (he was asking to go back home to our house in CT.) she's the same age he was when we moved from CT here. i'm dreading those same words when they come out of her mouth. it's ranks up there when the first thing that she says on monday mornings. as soon as, her little eyes open she immediately asks, "Where's daddy?" 

AGGHHHH! This never gets easy!

i'm going to miss our home very much. the move to italy will be an experience like no other but no matter how wonderful it promises to be, i can't help but miss what we created here. if only temporarily. 

2 :: 50


happy mother's day

I'll be enjoying my breakfast in bed, cards made of construction paper with sweet poems and little hugs and kisses. 
Enjoy your day Moms!

vintage 1::50

Isn't she beautiful? Now, if only I can figure out how I can fit a car seat into that one! There's more of these beauties here. Cory and I stumbled upon a car show on our way to the book store and decided to take a stroll down memory lane. Then we saw this beauty... 

Lucy coupe

named Lucy. Our conversation with the owner uncovered that he was a former submariner himself retired after 34 years of service and that he built this cute little girl with his grand-daughter from scratch with all the sorts of modern features. Power windows and all. She also sports a Corvette engine. I fell in love with her immediately. Has nothing to do with the fact his grand-daughter and him named her Lucy...Oh, NO! 

Thought this would be a great entry for the first day of project 50. It's a flickr group that challenges you to take a picture for 50 days with your 50mm lens. A great encouragement and way to keep up the with skills and much easier than my project365 which I got bored with very quickly.  

Sorry, to disappoint.  However, I know can do 50 days.


Theme Thursday :: Wind

There's nothing like a great love story to blow you away. These are two of my favorite scenes....

These scenes still blow me away!

wednesday wishes

Hi. How's everyone been?

Well, things around here have been busy. Really busy. Moving preps, school stuff, teachers appreciation week, laundry, mother's day preps, baseball practice, cooking, cleaning, baseball games, ballet, ear infections, kids play. Oh, and cracking html codes. Yes, I'm at it again. I've been modifying one of the blogger templates, again, to make it work for how I envision the "exposures by liza" site to be. I've made the big move from hobby to business. What about lizabee you ask? That is staying as is with an occasional header or color change.

I did it. I finally decided to open up the business....exposures by liza, WILL be up and running as of May 15. That's my deadline. Still lots do with that, like order marketing tools, however, the site will be up and running on the 15th and it's looking good, if I do say so myself. 

So, if you're wondering what my wish is today. That's simple...about five of me with the ability to multitasks and that the business will take off, of course! Wish me luck!


if you give a kid a paintbrush

You get this...

Nina & Angie Quinard

An Afternoon Tea at Disneyland


Gentle: Couple Holding Dove

Family Outing


The Quinard family is doubly blessed to have two beautifully artistic young daughters. How exciting. I love the fact that instead of a playroom, the mom designated a studio. Another set of child artists that I adore. Find out more about them here and more of their art is here.