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My little lady in white. 

Multi-tasking today; I thought it would be a great idea to get some exercise by biking to the park with the girls and end the morning with lunch. It all sounds lovely doesn't it? However, in Florida in the middle of May it's a sweltering nightmare. It was so hot! Not to mention we are not a pedestrian nor bike friendly state. There were so many places with bumpy sidewalks or none for that matter. Come to think of it there are many places in the states that are like this. Something's got to change. Come Big "O" (and i don't mean Oprah) let's make some changes, huh? Some PSA's would be good. Remember, the "Reading is Fundamental" days.

I love biking but hate the fact that you have to drive bikes to a trail or adequate area for a nice stroll. The area were I live could have more people on foot or bike, however, no one thinks to do it. We need to support a campaign like this one in Sonoma County on the west coast. I would love it!


  1. may be is time to go hit flatwoods this weekend!!!!

  2. no not flatwoods again! I can do it in my sleep.


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