And away we go...

I believe the saying goes, "God only gives you what you can handle." Well, I'm handling too many household goods and mementos at the moment.  It's moving time. The movers are coming next Wednesday and the inventory agent just left the house to assess our household items which will be stored until he gets back from deployment. Some things will stay and others we'll take with us overseas. 

Military man had asked me, "What do you want to take?" The only things that are of any importance to me could fit in a medium size box. The rest can just stay behind or be given to charity. This feeling reminds me of my family's stories about their moves to the US from Cuba. They came with the clothes on their backs, a few photographs and special items that held some sentimental value to them. That's my biggest dilemma right now. It's not the second set of china that I care to keep. It's the special mother's day gifts with little hand prints that I know I will just die if they get lost or damaged. The hundreds of scraps of papers that say, "I love you, mommy" that I'm archiving with no monetary value, yet priceless in a my eyes. So, I wrap and box these things up, say a prayer and hope that I will be seeing them once again.  

This also explains the hiatus from photography and the blog. My spirits are low and anixiety is HIGH, which makes it difficult to write and focus on a subject to capture behind the lens.  I've been on a roll the last few months but just as I'm taking inventory of goods, I've been taking inventory of how things have evolved with both my photography and the blog. Don't get me wrong, they will survive but for now things are slow. Not to mention that exposures by liza is up and running. I did it! The business is finally open, thanks to the many words of encouragement from friends and family and comments from you. I hope to be freelancing, shooting events and portraits in the near future.

I'm anxious to get back to normalcy but who am I kidding my life won't be normal for a looong time. It's time to enjoy the ride. 


  1. Hang in there!!! I'm thinking of you!

  2. Liza, I followed you here from my blog, and found some truly beautiful photography. I am following you, but I don't seem to be able to say so at this end. Good luck with your move - and with your new venture.

  3. Hi ladies,

    Jules...thank you!

    Sandra...Thanks for following. If you scroll aaalll the way down you'll find the followers box. Catch you on TT if not sooner.

  4. THanks for taking time from your busy life to comment at my site. Your comments made my day.

  5. I am out of words to say honey...I was very close to call it all off and not moving you guys...this house has been a "home" to us and not simply a temporary 4 year military move. I can only say, and I know how much you don't like this word, sorry for putting us through another move. We can only hope Italy will be exciting and will heal the pain of leaving this beautiful home you have created behind. Love you MM.

  6. Hey Liza... moving home can be quite traumatic, we have done it many, many times! But try to take it one day at a time and you will be great! I am sure you guys will LOVE Italy... come and visit us in Spain some time!

  7. I followed the trail of breadcrumbs you left from my own blog. Thanks for the follow.
    I see we have some things in common. You & I were born in Dog years (i was born in 1958). You also travel a lot with your military man...I grew up traveling because my dad was in the foreign service.
    My partner is bilingual. He's Dominican. So I have learned a bit of spanish...
    Good luck with the move. Keep us posted.

  8. exciting that your company is up and running. have moved way too many times myself, know the stress...i think you are finding value in the right things, it speaks your heart...enjoy the ride...who wants to be normal anyway?

  9. i know moving is never quite the pleasant experience. especially if you are having to leave some sentimental things behind. we have moved several times and the only thing i enjoyed was the newness of the place where we were about to move to. other than that it was always chaos. take what you can and know what the biggest memories lie in your heart (well, we know it is the brain really.....:) italy will be an amazing place to live. i would LOVE to live there as my grandfather was italian. you and your children will benefit from it so much. congrats on the business!!! i wish you much success!

  10. hope moving went well yesterday!

  11. Wish you good luck with your moving situation. I have a thing for 'items with sentimental value' myself so I understand you 100% :)


  12. When I was a child we moved almost every 6 months. At the time we did not know why, we pretty much still do not. We have an idea, but my mom will never confirm it. We finally settled when I was 11, and it was hard to settle down to just one place. Moving was kinda fun, we got new friends and saw new places. It was an adventure. Then with hubby in the military we moved again and again, then he gets out and we move again, then again, then stopped and have been here since '85. The bad thing is that I have collected so much "stuff" and now am very excited that in a year or so, if our house sells, that we will move again. This will force me to get rid of all this stuff. I need to start very soon to get rid of this stuff.

    Just remember that "Home is where the heart is." And your heart is with Military Man. I really do hope you enjoy your adventure in Italy and who knows you might be able to visit a lot of our overseas blogging family.

    I wish you all the best and hope your moving went well. I also am hoping to enjoy all the pictures of the places you visit. I have sometimes thought that if Hubby had been sent to Germany if he would have stayed in the military. We just knew we could not go back to Panama again. I think Germany would have been fantastic. Italy would have been great too.

    Keep safe and have fun. God bless.

  13. They say that moving home is one of the more traumatic experiences ever and your words attest to taht fact. I wish you luck in your new house and my kind regards to you husband and kids. As for mementoes, you definitely have your priorities right :-).

    Greetings from London.


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