memory no. 6

I have many memories going through my mind these days. the move from this house which i've called home for the past four years is only three weeks away. boy wonder and i are not looking forward to it. he keeps playing with his friends likes it's his last day. i should learn from him when it comes to living in the present moment...in the now. i find myself saying yes much more often and bedtimes are being stretched later and later each day. 

girl wonder has no clue and the memory of  boy wonder screaming and begging me to go home when we drove upto our recent gated community. (he was asking to go back home to our house in CT.) she's the same age he was when we moved from CT here. i'm dreading those same words when they come out of her mouth. it's ranks up there when the first thing that she says on monday mornings. as soon as, her little eyes open she immediately asks, "Where's daddy?" 

AGGHHHH! This never gets easy!

i'm going to miss our home very much. the move to italy will be an experience like no other but no matter how wonderful it promises to be, i can't help but miss what we created here. if only temporarily. 


  1. Transition is always difficult! Hopefully your new home will have many new and wonderful memories!!

  2. There is one thing that I will never get use to. Not even after 15 plus years of military live, moving. The kids make it even harder...Lucia will break my heart when she ask to go home...I know we are supposed to make it feel better for them. But it is hard even for us. The good thing is that Cory will help since he knows what is going on. Love you and miss you a lot Daddy (MM)


Thank you.