theme Thursday :: Whoops!

A mother's daily list of Whoops while on the way out of the house. 

Children strapped in the car, garage door slowly closing, backing out of the garage and down the street...

1. Whoops...Forgot, my phone.

Driving back home open the garage door, run in the house, turn off the alarm, grab phone, back out, the garage door starts coming down...

2. C@#P! Whoops, Forgot...diapers.

Before garage doors hit the ground, click them back open, swing door open, turn off the alarm, grab diapers, set the alarm, start backing out again, doors begin closing...

3. "MOM,  Nina spit up." "What the #$^^!" Whoops!

Stop car, garage door start to open, get baby out of seat, swing door open, bang security code on keypad, clean baby, run to car, strap back in, climb into car...

4. (Spanish expletives) Whoops, forgot to turn on alarm.

Get out of car, swing door open, set alarm, click garage close, etc.

Get the picture. No wonder I'm exhausted and irritable by the end of the day.


  1. Whoopsie-daisy (not sure of spelling). That's what we say here in Blighty. Many thanks for you 'whoops'.

    Greetings from london.

  2. i sure don't miss those diaper bag days! It's nice to leave the house without having to pack.

  3. So many things to prepare for, just for leaving the house!

  4. Bee there, dont that with the diaper bag, thanks for the memories!

  5. You do more in your driveway than most people do in a day. You deserve to be exhausted. And irritable.

  6. Cuban -- Lucy goes around the house saying Whoopsie daisy, too. It reminds me of Notting Hill with Hugh Grant.

    Tom- less than two years but who's counting?

    Subtorp77 -- Tell me about it!

    Holly -- glad to bring back the lovely memories.

    Ronda -- Amen, sistah...Hey did you check out my vintage car pics? Thought of you when posting them.

  7. Please elaborate on the Spanish expletives, I've run out of English ones.


  8. Many steps involved with leaving the house! I'm not jealous :-)

  9. lo que me espera!!!!I will happy to give you a break this weekend...love you MM

  10. a whole lotta whoops! where kids are involved! haha!

  11. It happens to me sometimes, going back and forth because of things I forgot to do. I hate it when it happens so I am with you on this one :)

    Happy TT Liza and thank you so much for following my blog!

    Take care

  12. I LOVE it!! Ya gotta love
    being a mommy! I know
    I do! Those who don't
    believe it's a fulltime job
    has NO clue! Lovely blog!

  13. I remember those days, I was constantly huffing and puffing from stress. Teenage years are just beginning, so far, so good.

    Thanks for visiting me today.

  14. i have days like that!

    great whoops

    thanks for visiting my place

  15. I still have days like that, only it is with the grandkids. But a lot of times it is with just me alone. My neighbors must get so many laughs of me leaving and backing up in street to go back to driveway, or me going out to car and then back into house and then back to house again. So know you are not alone.

    God bless.

    And sorry I am too sick to even enjoy the fisheees, too tired to count today.

  16. Oh, this one sounds oh-so familiar... Just know I feel your pain! :o)

  17. OMG...LOVE IT!!!! I'm glad MM will be home this weekend to give you a much needed break...although I'm sure you'll keep in military wife mode and keep going full-steam ahead!!! *hugs*

  18. lol. the days of diaper bags and trying to get what seems like a small nation of two out the door to actually get somewhere. sure the list would be longer if it continued to arrival and beyond..

  19. Brings to mind something my first art teacher tried to impress upon us: "The hurrier I go the behinder I get." *LOL*

    Oh well. Whoops I reckon!

  20. Spanish expletives are an International Language!!!!


Thank you.