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Isn't she beautiful? Now, if only I can figure out how I can fit a car seat into that one! There's more of these beauties here. Cory and I stumbled upon a car show on our way to the book store and decided to take a stroll down memory lane. Then we saw this beauty... 

Lucy coupe

named Lucy. Our conversation with the owner uncovered that he was a former submariner himself retired after 34 years of service and that he built this cute little girl with his grand-daughter from scratch with all the sorts of modern features. Power windows and all. She also sports a Corvette engine. I fell in love with her immediately. Has nothing to do with the fact his grand-daughter and him named her Lucy...Oh, NO! 

Thought this would be a great entry for the first day of project 50. It's a flickr group that challenges you to take a picture for 50 days with your 50mm lens. A great encouragement and way to keep up the with skills and much easier than my project365 which I got bored with very quickly.  

Sorry, to disappoint.  However, I know can do 50 days.

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  1. what an awesome name for a great looking car. You should save this photo for our Lucia...MM


Thank you.