wednesday wishes

Hi. How's everyone been?

Well, things around here have been busy. Really busy. Moving preps, school stuff, teachers appreciation week, laundry, mother's day preps, baseball practice, cooking, cleaning, baseball games, ballet, ear infections, kids play. Oh, and cracking html codes. Yes, I'm at it again. I've been modifying one of the blogger templates, again, to make it work for how I envision the "exposures by liza" site to be. I've made the big move from hobby to business. What about lizabee you ask? That is staying as is with an occasional header or color change.

I did it. I finally decided to open up the business....exposures by liza, WILL be up and running as of May 15. That's my deadline. Still lots do with that, like order marketing tools, however, the site will be up and running on the 15th and it's looking good, if I do say so myself. 

So, if you're wondering what my wish is today. That's simple...about five of me with the ability to multitasks and that the business will take off, of course! Wish me luck!


  1. Yay! Congratulations! Even though you're busy, I'm glad you decided to open up the business!!

  2. congrats on the business! once the doors are open it will be all teh busier, but hopefully in a fun way!

  3. Yes best of luck honey...hopefully I will be able to help you more come October...miss you guys MM

  4. great!! if you need any help--let me know. i know you always supported me when i started my business--let me know how i can return the favor. you will do fine.;-) italy weddings--how cool!


Thank you.