7 :: 50 Moving Day

Not much else to say... but they're here! The movers are loading the boxes and crating them away until we reach our final destination. It reminds me of our first days in town when we arrived with a preschooler, a two week old baby, the anticipation and anxiety over making new connections and exploring new places. We are leaving with a little boy, a pre-schooler, a toddler, less boxes and rich with friends and fond memories of a place well explored.

I promised myself not to write another sappy post about moving away. So, my chin is up and looking ahead to....ITALY!!!! However, not without a long stop to my hometown until Military Man gets back from deployment. Going home to live with mom after being away for over twelve years. Can't wait to see my old stomping grounds, reconnect with family and friends, and introduce the kids to the place where mommy grew up.

Thanks to all for your lovely comments and words of encouragement. I'll be back to my cheerful self very soon. I can feel it!



  1. I imagine the kids will benefit greatly from the time in your old stomping grounds. we took our boys to visit the college where T and I met not too long ago. It was fun sharing stories with them and showing them landmarks of our relationship.

    Moving is always an experience. In my former existence working with Citi they moved us around wuite a bit. it was always th same tension, moving from the comfortable home and relationships we created to the unknown. Sounds like you worked it out this last time and made some great friends. Know it will probably work out the same again. Enjoy the ride...

  2. What fun. It must be great to have family where you are posted and Italy too boot. I look forward with anticipation to upcoming news.

  3. Italy?
    I'm available to carry your luggage if need be.
    I'm also very good at clutching important docs such as passports, plane tix, immunization records, etc.
    Just call.

  4. Have fun at your mom's!!!! Then you can introduce your kids to all of the new things they've never seen in Italy! I know you're sad to leave, but new adventures await!!!! :)

  5. Wow, sounds so much like my life at the moment. I'm living at home for a little until hubby's deployment is over, it's wonderful for my son to be able to spend this time where I grew up. I will love the memories from these past few months for the rest of my life. I feel SO blessed that my family and I got to spend this time together, before I'm off to San Diego at the end of June. :) You guys will be in my prayers for safe travels.... don't stay away from blogging too long!

    And, CONGRATS on your photography company getting started! How exciting!


  6. how great! can't wait to see you guys here. tell the kids their "primos postisos" are waiting for a fun b-b-q pool date! it will be fun and a nice distraction before the big move, which i know will be fabulous! it really doesn't matter what part of the world you call home--as long as you are in good company! i think you are there;-)
    un beso,
    ps--you know you will have visitors next year. i just may have to move my private workshops abroad!...lol (a company write off...lol)

  7. Hey Beautiful Mama! I hope you can find some good downtime after the past few (plus) months of stress of not having orders, planning the move, and moving...and usually by yourself!!! Do a spa day or SOMETHING to pamper yourself! You totally deserve it!!! Sending you big abrazos from up here in the armpit of VA! *muwah*

  8. @brian -- some of the stomping ground stories will be hard to explain. TMI about mommy.

    @Pup -- you'll be posted. I am, too, excited to be home with the family.

    @auntie -- an extra set of hands are always good. = )

    @Jules -- Thanks as always!

    @Becca -- I agree. The kids and I do need some family lovin' its been far too long for all of us.

    @Becky -- can't wait to Q at the grotto with NJ.

    @tanya -- hahahahahaaaaaa ARMPIT! TOO Funny! I have a some spa days and yoga in my near future...guaranteed...Abrazos!

  9. Italia, bella :-)! Wish you bucketfuls of luck.

    Greetings from London.


Thank you.