and the award{s} go to...

me? Say what? Here's a confession, I have secretly been a little jealous of the awards on some of the blogs I frequent. Now, I have two! Yay, I'm feeling the love. Thanks, Jules and Marianna. Love that you keep me company and love your comments...always. These awards do come with a little price. I have to reveal a little more about myself. (Sneaky way of getting to know me) and then there's a little thing of choosing a few favorites to pass these little awards along. That's the hardest part. How does a girl choose?

Okay, first things first. Queenie has to list seven things about herself that she thinks are awesome. Here goes...

1. My ability to adapt to any situation. That's the military training. It has taken over a decade's worth of moving to learn to go with the flow. It's not easy teaching an old dog new tricks all the time. But I keep doing it.

2. My adventurous spirit. Who would in their right mind move to Europe with three small children, start a photography business and blog about it. If someone would have told me two years ago that I would be doing this, I would have thought they were crazy. However, I regret nothing and looking forward to more.

3. My keen sense of judgement. I can look at a person's eyes and figure them out in 10 seconds flat. I have never been wrong about a person's character or motives.

4. My handbag and jewelry collection. Yes, it sounds a bit shallow but I love, wear and collect them both like no other. I am looking forward to passing most of these things down to my children...yes, even the boy.

5. My creativity. I love to create and re-invent things. Then enjoy sharing the creative process with others because there's no reason to keep good home-making or professional advice.

6. My marriage and family. Those things are what keep me grounded and focused because I can be scatter brain and random at times. Ya think?

7. My faith...Without IT, I could not do any of the things I mentioned above.

Award number 2 comes from Jules. She is so effing awesome. She always is one of the first to comment with the sweetest and most encouring things. I love catching up with her blog because it brings me back to my teaching days and dealing with all the nonsense among the fellow teachers and the work with the kids. Don't be shocked the award has a curse word...not my usual posting material but, oh, what the h@*$. I have been known to have the mouth of a sailor. Hum, go figure. Now, with this one you get to know what I have been obsessing about lately. Here's the top five...

1. Photography. I just dropped some serious cash on Photoshop CS4 and a new lens. It's all for a good cause...Exposures by Liza. Oh, military man don't get too shocked when we open this months bank statement. You know what they say...when the cat's away....

2. Pecans Praline. I'm on my second 30 oz. jar of Hoody's Deep South Praline Pecans. Reason number one for joining a gym.

3. Our AppleTV. There a still a few movies on the queue to watch. Love that thing.

4. Over my children's education. I always think that they can be challenged to elevated their little minds. Even though they're only 7, 3, and 1.

5. Clean House. Not necessarily cleaning my house but the tv program on the style network. It amazes me what that cast can do with the wrecks of a home they are challenged to organized. The transformations are awesome and I just love happy endings.

Now, guys tag you're it...(Choose the award of your liking for your blog, list either 7 things that make you awesome or 5 things that you're obsessing about, and tag your favorite bloggers.)

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Okay, that's all folks. A little summer blogging fun.


  1. Yay! You deserve them and I LOVE learning more about you! And WHO can't use more shoes and handbags? Seriously!

  2. Dang and I had thought I had gotten off easy. See I was gonna pick you for the Queen award but saw that Marianna had already done it. So I got that one and now I will have to do the Obsession award. You just gotta be quick with these awards let me tell you. I am wondering if I should now just add on to my Queen award and be quick with the Obsession award. But just so you know since you like them, I still have at least two other awards that I haven't got to because I was sick and guess what you are gonna get those, but na na na, I am not telling you what they are. And I am not sure when I will get to them cause I go in for shoulder surgery on Monday and recovery time is 10 weeks or longer. But I figure my left arm might not work but my right one still will. I will just be slowed down and I think I can get some of them done. So hmmm, do I edit today's or go for Friday or Saturday. Okay, I will go for Friday or Saturday cause I gotta sleep, been up all night.

    Plus you need to put these awards in your sidebar, they are collector items. I swear I have seen some people with over 30 of them. I am not even sure where they got so dang many, but I am working on my collection.

    And make sure you only give a "manbag" to your son. And the handbags to his wife, the jewelry he might like before he gets married so he can give to his future wife. My grandsons already ask me for mine so they can have it for their future wives and they are only 14 and 12 and 8. I keep telling them the granddaughters get it. They are not happy, so I will have to give them some. I guess I will also have to give them some Crystal too. Actually I feel glad that they want any of my things. Must be a sign of good taste or they love their grandma very much.

    I really do hope your photography business does well over there. Well when you get there. Just keep us up to date. And I still miss those fishy's you know. No one has them now. Guess I am gonna have to fill my tank up again and put real ones in.

    Thanks for the tag.

    And tell military man I thought of him when I posted those pictures and how proud we are of all of them. I have always been proud of me and hubby doing our duty to protect our country. And men in their uniforms are so handsome, just something about them protecting our country and being so polished in those uniforms. He does you proud.

    God bless America.

  3. haha. thanks for the award! how did you know i needed a new pair of boots? lol. your adaptive, adventurous, judgemental, creative handsbogs, faith and family amaze me. lol. sorry, a bit playful today.

    excited for your next adventures and wishing your man safety and good days. hope you and the fam are well.

  4. Thanks so much, Lizabee! I have the Awsumm award thanks to Lavinia at Birdbath Chronicles (check her out!), but I'll take the other one (and doctor it a bit, since I never say that word ...and if you believe that one...)

    Thanks so much to you!


  5. Could you read a person if their eyes were closed? Intruiging...Congratualtions on the awards x

  6. Awesome-ness!! I love the things I learnt about you...glad I found your blog :)

    Have a great day Queen Liza lol

  7. LOL - Thank you so much, Liza. I shall ponder these awards and make the weighty decision as soon as I can. No, I won't. I'll decide right now on the second award, because I'm not feeling very awesome right now, but I am most certainly feeling obsessed.

  8. You've solved my problem of thinking about something to write about on Friday. So pop in then, and I'll list my response!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS Honey!!!!I am extremely proud of you and your dedication to us and your dreams. I can't wait to be home and not having to commenute all the time. I am happy you decided to buy the stuff you needed and put yourself first for once...love you and miss you...MM

  10. Congrats to you first! And then thank you, of course. I'll be blogging away soon enough :-)

  11. Many congrats on those well-deserved awards.

    Greetings from London.

  12. Loved your list of 7 + 5. Hope to see some AWSOME and effing photos with your new lens and program.


Thank you.