blame it on Cuban time

A very popular phrase used by those of us of the cuban persuasion when we are doing things at our own pace. Summertime is the culprit for this late post for this theme thursday round. I've been feeling very guilty to be on the computer when the children are around. Therefore, my computer time has been very late at night.  Just like a little spirit...


haunting memories

of the past

slowing    c r e e p i n g    through our


The cinquain poem is definitely my favorite poetry to compose. Quite, frankly it's the only one I've ever attempted. Happy Friday all!


  1. Like how you stretched out the word "c r e e p i n g."

  2. You should do rhyming Wednesday with us, it does not need to rhyme.

  3. Better late than never! And you're quite right to neglect blogging in favour of kiddy time! Have fun!

  4. Hi Liza!
    I agree...better late than never and QUITE enjoyable!

    I too, cannot seem to spend the quality time at the old blog with summer pulling me in SO MANY pleasant directions! My favorite? My kiddos!

  5. nice cinquain... i like opperating on cuban time...unless i am with someone operating on cuban time, when i am not...but not today...lovely poem.

    have a great weekend!

  6. Everyone should be on Cuban time during the summer! It's the only way to go!!!!

  7. Oh, how I love my 'Cuban time'. I use it all the time as an excuse. Happy Friday and weekend to you, too.

    Greetings from London.

  8. I'm on NYC time all the time--I need to slow down!

    Very nice cinquain!

  9. Thanks everyone!

    @Silver Fox -- imagery is key.

    @otin -- a big thanks for the invitation but if I add another thing to the list my head will explode like Mt. Kilauea.

    @Jill & Baino -- it's hard to say "no" to those cute little faces.

    @Brian -- yeah, cuban time + american time = lots of apologies. glad you enjoyed it!.

    @Jules -- (you have to read this like Scarface)
    ju, betah balivit meng. (Let me know if you need a translation...LOL!)

    @Cuban -- I was wondering if Londoners excused it, too.

    @Leah -- Gosh, I remember living in CT. Cuban time didn't always bode over well with the Northeasterners. I was stressed out over punctuality all the time. Glad to be closer to my roots for a change.

  10. Thank you for the poem lol

    Wish you enjoy your weekend!


  11. lovely words
    and i like the shape of it

  12. C R E E P I N G is right. Funny :-)

  13. It's a wonderful little poem. I've not tried the cinquain - maybe I'll give it a go this week. I do like the triolet and I've even managed a villanelle and a sestina (which I hope to do again.)

    I know that guilt feeling associated with the computer.


  14. Oh how I miss Cuban Time...miss you Honey...can't wait to see the birthday pictures...our little one is 4 years old today...besos MM

  15. Hola...por favor fotos del cumpleanos...miss you guys...MM

  16. Hey Hun! Sorry I've been MIA! I'll respond to your tag in a bit! Cuban Time...aka POC (People of Color) Time! That's all we run on over here...esp. when the Hubs is home! I blame his Filipino (1/2) blood on that!!! ;o) Hope all is well over there!!! *hugs*


Thank you.