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the kids and i have taken a little break and rode trip to our favorite place in northern florida. military man is in port for a short while before his deployment. after a huge surprise from him on my doorstep and a quick call to the reservation's desk, we made it up here for a week's work vacation with him. he works, we vacation. not a bad deal, for us that is.

{photos: nikon d50, nikkor 28-80mm, picnik effects: cross process, polaroid, vignette}


  1. Liza nothing better than coming home, no matter how long the port call lasts. That was the down-side of serving on a fast-attack sub; we never knew when we were coming home for a rest!( yet somehow the OMBUDSMAN always knew... ) Enjoy the time to-gether. As always my prayers are with all of you.

  2. thats awesome. always great to be with the one you love...and surpises are great too. smiles. i hope that the time you are together stretchs, while when apart it flasshes by. great pics as well!

  3. @subby -- fast attacks are all we know, except for this new SSGN that MM got assigned to work as XO. It's been a tough two years for him as "the bad guy" and we decided to do it as GEO Bachelor. I don't know what we were thinking. The good thing is that he's had a WONDERFUL and understanding CO. Something, that is usually hard to come by. This will be deployment number five for us. FIVE!!! I'm writing it and I still can't believe it. But all things come to an end and our reward is...ITALY!!! thanks for the prayers.

    @brian -- I hope it flashes at the speed of light. The pics were fun. I literally picked up the camera and thought..."these will be great for lizabee." LOL! Glad you enjoyed them.

  4. Jealous, jealous, and more jealous.

  5. liza, my first Co was like that( understanding but firm ). He knew everybody on a first name basis and had an open door policy. The #2 officer is usually made out to be the "bad guy" and it's a bum wrap. Some of our COBs were way worse, heh.

    And when you get over to Italia, you just gotta hit the main islands! We did Sardinia! I never made it to the mainland.

    And 5( major? )deployments? Way to go! I did three major and lost count of the minor ones. Even as old as our boat was we still got away from port, most of the year.

  6. @subby -- I've lost count of the little underways. If I would have kept tally of those, I think I'd be surprised on how many times we were in port together. Yea, COB's can be tricky. You just have to let them know who's boss...THEM! An unhappy COB on a sub is like an unhappy wife at home. Gotta keep them happy, they're the ones who truly keep things running smoothly. Cheers! = )

  7. liza, we had a COB that could tell which coffee maker his cuppa came from! And we had five of 'em!( coffee makers, that is )

  8. Where'd y'all stay this time? We were thinking about going down to FB for a few days next week since the hubs has a week-lonmg trainer in KB. Anyhoo...hope all is well!!

  9. It's been a bit since I've visited -- and WHOA! is your photography fantastic. I love what you are posting and doing -- so Cool.

    And saw you were a finalist at MeRa Koh -- you got my vote for sure!!

    lyn at life in pajamas...


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