fourth of july message

This really touched me and so I wanted to share this with all.

"Today you will wake up in an ordinary bed, in an ordinary home to the smell of ordinary coffee. Your ordinary dog will probably have chewed on the ordinary paper, unless you have an ordinary cat instead, who is warming in the ordinary sunshine coming through a rather ordinary window. You will eat an ordinary breakfast, and ordinary lunch, preceding an ordinary nap.

If you have ordinary kids, call Guinness Book, because I have never met one. But they are probably going to ride their ordinary bike, or ordinary skateboard or play some ordinary Wii while you prepare an ordinary barbecue and ordinary sides before your ordinary family comes over, unless they ordinarily won't. You will have an ordinary day, with ordinary watermelon seeds spitting out your ordinary mouth, before ordinary fireworks explode across the ordinary skyline.

At the end of your ordinary day you will lay in your ordinary bed with your ordinary husband, or ordinary wife, your ordinary lover, and do what ordinarily you would do, then get some ordinary sleep on ordinary pillows and have ordinary dreams...bought with the lives of some ordinary people who did some extraordinary things to give us that freedom.
Happy Independence Day!"

Thank you Brian you always know what and how to say what people are feeling. Also, wanted to add that military man is out to sea not quite a deployment but getting ready for one. The Commander, yes, commander...my military man made Commander earliear this month. Quite an accomplishment for someone who was on the five year plan, which means five years in and then you're out. That's what some guys say when they first sign up. Well, it's been sixteen and counting. Counting our days and blessings for everytime he comes home safely.

Happy fourth all! Have an extraordinary day!


  1. thanks liza. thinking of you and your fam today. know the man will do well and return home soon. have a fam member in afghanistan right now. thanks to all the soliders, now and then. have a great 4th!

  2. That is very touching!!! Thinking of you and your family (and all families with military men and women) especially today! Happy 4th!

  3. Thank you honey for all the kinds words. I am thinking of you guys every minute. Tell the kids I love them. MM

  4. Beautiful post. Tugs right at the heart. Thank you for sharing. I am thankful for every one who has fought for my freedom. A debt that could never be repaid.

  5. Thank you Jules & Amelia...Brian is the one who really deserves the credit for the beautiful writing. He said it best. I never know how to respond to the thank you's for the MM's service. Your Welcome just doesn't seem right. It's an honor really...a way of life that has humbled us.

  6. Hey Liza!

    Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July weekend :)

    I tagged you on my blog. Drop by and collect your award of...awesome-ness! You deserve it :)

    I'll come by to read your message more carefully.



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