Mama's in Funkytown

If it smells, looks and acts funky then its probably a funky bug dancing its way through a cute little 16 month old and landing in the nappies. Yes, we have been in funkytown around here and the wonder baby has had everyone, including me, in a funk. I can't believe it a summer bug and it's dancing its way around this family and boogie-ing its way through this beachy town.  

This should shake the funk out of it. Enjoy!

(Sorry, theme thursday group for posting on friday. I've been doing a bit of nursing.)


  1. had a sumer cold earlier this week. was not very fun at all. hope the bug burns itself out soon enough. with songs like that, it should be gone soon! better late than never!

  2. @Brian -- I'm still carrying tissues from my funky bug. She's on the road to recovery thank goodness.


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