this year's photowalk


One of the shots I took at the Jupiter inlet  during the 2nd Annual Worldwide PhotoWalk held by Scott Kelby, international photography guru, and led by Kim Seng, local photographer. The event had over 30,000 photographers from around the world clicking away at their surroundings. It was a sight to see. We had 40 photographers in our group from all over South Florida capturing the beautiful scenery around the inlet. A curious little lady asked me what all the fuss was about. "A beautiful day in Florida," I told her. We couldn't have asked for better weather this morning. The water was clear and the colors were breathtaking. The mood was a little serious at first but after a couple of hours of heat and clicks everybody loosened up enough to exchange tips and make some connections. Isn't that what it was really about?

The inlet is unique, that you have the Dubois River and the intercoastal waterway feeding into the Atlantic ocean. The beaches and the area were exquisite and I discovered an area that I never knew existed and can't wait to get back. Everyone perspective was different but one common goal...getting good shots.


  1. nice picture - i love water reflections like this

  2. crisp, lovely pic. the weather has been amazing here as well. flying into WPB this weekend for an interview. hopefully it is nice then.

  3. Great pic! And what a wonderful idea and way to spend a day!!

  4. This sounds like fun. We did this ( way back in 6th grade )as a class project. Then learned how to develope the film. El cheapo cameras but they still took pretty good snaps! Heh, I was shutterbugging, this morn'. 'Tis a nice day for it...

  5. What a great photo. Sounds like you had loads of fun! =)

  6. Lettuce -- The picture almost didn't happen. I just let it "float" into the viewfinder.

    Brian -- good luck on the interview. Must check out City Place and Downtown WPB. Great places to eat and listen to outside concerts. , there are so many places to check out. The list would be looong and you only have a short time to visit.

    Jules -- it was fun...felt a little geeky at first but one must be mature about things...LOL!

    subby -- oh, you have so many talents

    Amelia -- Thanks!

  7. Yeah, it was pretty fun. Nice shots you took here! (better than mine!)

  8. The photo is truly a work of art!

  9. This picture is wonderful! Have a great day!


Thank you.