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vintage daisies

was our afternoon activity for the day. After, a trip to Rita's for some flavored ice + custard we went for a stroll through downtown Lake Worth. A very funky little town with a population made up of an unlikely mix of undocumented immigrant workers, gang bangers, starving artists, senior citizens and yuppies. There are no cookie cutter homes to be found. The streets are filled with beachy cottages, single family homes and spanish mission style homes. It's downtown has taken a great turn that it's been our bi-weekly trip. Lake Worth's citizens are definitely taking their city back. They are refusing to let it slip through the cracks and have reinvented itself as this artsy quaint town with boutiques, locally owned restaurant, bars and vintage shops. 

I introduced the kids to their first vintage shopping experience and they made me proud. After positively phrasing and modeling the "no touching" rule they kept their little hands to themselves and pointed to everything. They loved looking at all the older pieces and were equally excited to see a display full of vintage cameras. The temptation to buy them all was there but I didn't break down. I bought an adorable daisy lamp for just $7 to light up the girl's room instead...cha-ching! 


  1. Nice find, Liza. I'm still looking for an old "motion" lamp from the early-mid '70's( one of our neighbours had one of a forest afire, that used to just hypnotise me, when I watched it )...

  2. very cool! lovely lamp. nice description of the town and their plight to retake, and in the same post your retaking of something vintage...

  3. I just love the musty smell inside vintage shops!


Thank you.