i was...

a friday afternoon

...having flashbacks of lazy afternoons spent together this april.
military man was in a port far far away for a few days and we were able to hear each other's voice. we all needed a little of daddy, even if it was over the telephone.


theme thursday :: limousine

{a scene from a limousine and my favorite all time movie quote...}

Linus speaking into a dictophone while Fairchild drives him into the city...

Linus: Fairchild, I'll be needing you tonight.

Fairchild: [with a distinct british accent] yes, sir.

Linus: I'm taking Sabrina out again

Fairchild: yes, sir

Linus: Can you have her in my office at seven o'clock?

Fairchild: [rather abrubtly] yes, sir

Linus: Anything wrong fairchild?

Fairchild: I would very much prefer that you dispense with my services on these dates with my daughter, sir. It makes for a rather awkward situation.

Linus: Oh, I see. Well, it never occured to me I'm sorry.

Fairchild: It's just not right, sir. I like to think of life like a limousine. Though we are all driving together we must remember our places. There's a front seat and a back seat and a window in between.

Linus: Fairchild I never realized it before but you're a terrible snob!

Fairchild: [rather snobbish] Yes, sir.

Sabrina tribute here.

Living back in and around Palm Beach always reminds me of this quote. I remember visiting the mansions as a child completely awestruck knowing that I will always be a visitor.

And I'm absolutely fine with it!


a mi querido....

A special message to miltary man...

hi honey,

I see that the navy's lovely email is as slow as ever. You've been checking and commenting here so i decided to send you a special note. You know we miss you like crazy that goes without saying. I'm just picturing the ride up to greet you when you get off the sub. It'll be a great drive down just catching up, listening to music or even the silence that happens when we get sick of the car because we are anxious to get to our destination.

Our kids are rock stars. They're adapting just fine, although, Cory misses IDS. I do, too. It has been great walking the halls of SJS or driving to places in town, reconnecting with our friends and family back home. I've missed them and it seems like they've missed us, too. The time apart has been hard but it has made us into the people we are today... strong, experienced and appreciative. Our strength has kept us connected, our experience has made us wiser and appreciation has kept us grounded.

I just wish you were on the ground here with us...amo mucho...C

and if you're wondering what "C " stands for my lips are sealed.


Back to School

SJS First day of School

The first day of school has been quite memorable, so far. I wasn't the only one anxious about today. Boy wonder was a mess. He woke up with butterflies in his stomach but I know that he is stronger than me. I can't wait to see him when he tells me that he made tons of friends and he loved it! He always does.

Girl wonder on the other hand was all smiles and she likes her new school "costume." She's was all smiles when I kissed her hand good-bye after a reading of the kissing hand by her teacher. A very sweet gesture.

Kissing Hand

[post post : The editing was out of control in this post...yikes.]


Butterflies in my Stomach

The uniforms are pressed. The bags are packed. The lunch meat and snacks are bought and ready to be placed in the new lunch boxes. My clothes are picked out and all is ready. Then, why am I so nervous? I'm more nervous than them.

Tomorrow, is their first day of school in their temporary home and my stomach is in knots and jittery. My children are rock stars, they have adapted to everything that I've thrown at them. I'm the one who is up late at night wishing that we were settled and that this was just another first day of a very predictable life. Some people scoff at predictability but I would give my right eye for a predictable life....if only for them.



Lizabee & co. is dying a slow death. I have started three different blog posts in the last three days one on weight gain, Nora Ephron movies and one on photography but deleted them all. They started off great but fizzled by the end of the first paragraph.

I've never considered myself a real author, so why keep it going?

Reason # one...for fear of not being a part of this phenomena. This great wave of feelings that are transmitted into space for all to see and comment. It's quite fun really, exhilerating at times to get a response to a random thought or activity no matter how obtuse it may be. It's reality at its best.

Reason # two...The separation from military man is hard, however, being back home has changed my point of view on things. It's as if I'm no longer looking at the world as an outsider. I feel more like a participant. I've allowed myself to be wrapped with this security blanket called home. Even though at times things have not exactly turned out the way I envisioned it. It still feels warm and cozy and safe. Everything is as it should be and it feels good.

Reason # three...Turning 39! Something just clicked in my brain and i've let go of the BS. I don't bother with the nonsense anymore and I'm much more conscious to state things in terms of what I want rather than what I don't want. Something that i've learned from reading scripture and The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This tip really helps in disciplining the kids. When something is stated in terms of what you want, it gives you and those around you a goal to work towards. This is what I want...

Happy Birthday

I'm keeping my eye on the ball.


theme thursday :: kiss

For those of you new around here, i've been participating with theme thursday for most of this year. It's a day that i look forward to reading and sharing with this multi-talented group of individuals their take on a particular theme. i usually try to be witty but this week's theme and military man and mine current situation called for a more colorful twist to the topic...


first touch

wondering w a i t i n g ANTICIPATING

the taste of your


military man has shipped off and i'm left to my thoughts and over fifteen years of memories. hundreds or should i say thousands of women are left behind preparing themselves for the first kiss back with their spouses. it's as any of you may perceive it to be. hundreds of us waiting by a pier welcoming our guys home. i'll never forget my first homecoming. it felt like the scene out of an old WWII movie, hundreds of us on the pier peering over heads and shoulders trying to get a peek at our boys. then we saw and run to each other. it felt like slow motion but, somehow, we made it quickly into each others arms. so, sappy and romantic and i can't wait to relive that moment again.

a recipe for you

I felt especially cuban today. I've been cooking a lot more in the last two months that I had been in a long time. But today especially, I felt more cuban. There's something about cooking an authentic dish like "potaje de garbanzos" [garbanzo been soup] with real chorizo sent over from our relatives in Spain that my brought me to my hispanic roots. It's a dish that takes some premeditation and planning. One has to soak the beans overnight, otherwise you'd be biting down on small flavored pebbles. The peeling, the eyeballing and tricks to ensure it's authenticity flowed out of me tonight. The odors from the kitchen were driving wonder boy crazy and mom could smell my creation from the garage. I sensed my grandmother in the kitchen, reminding me to add the right amount of salt, measured out in the palm of my hand. There's no recipe to look to, no measuring cups or spoons, just good ol' fashioned intuition. The smells and well trained taste buds are your gage to when it's done. Here's a glimpse of my recipe. Sorry, there's no true measurements. I eyeball everything.

16 oz bag of dry garbanzo beans
half a medium yellow onion (cut in chunks)
half a medium sized red bell pepper (cut in chunks)
a quarter of a medium sized squash (any will do) cut into chunks
4 small to medium sized potatoes peeled and quartered
5 garlic cloves (minced)
1 ham hock
1 small package of chorizo
salt (two palmfuls)
a pinch of pepper, garlic powder, cumin, cilantro, onion powder and oregano

Soak the beans overnight in a large pot to ensure tenderness. In the morning, remove the water they soaked in overnight and add new water (approximately eight to ten cups). Add the rest of ingredients and bring to a boil. Lower heat to medium and cook until all ingredients are tender. Approximately two to three hours. Serve with rice or your favorite salad and enjoy.