Butterflies in my Stomach

The uniforms are pressed. The bags are packed. The lunch meat and snacks are bought and ready to be placed in the new lunch boxes. My clothes are picked out and all is ready. Then, why am I so nervous? I'm more nervous than them.

Tomorrow, is their first day of school in their temporary home and my stomach is in knots and jittery. My children are rock stars, they have adapted to everything that I've thrown at them. I'm the one who is up late at night wishing that we were settled and that this was just another first day of a very predictable life. Some people scoff at predictability but I would give my right eye for a predictable life....if only for them.


  1. They'll do great! I hope they have a wonderful day!!

  2. I can't wait for the pictures...I am having butterflies in my stomach and I am not with them...wish all goes well and my heart is with them. Give them lots of kisses from Daddy...love you...MM

  3. i know they will do well...ours start next week. was in your temp town again this weekend...and it looks like we will be heading that way on a little more perm basis soon. waiting on the offer letter this week...all lines up...we'll be heading that way.

    mm sounds like an amazing daddy...

  4. liza, no worries! Kids are great at adapting( I was an Air Force brat, so moved round....a lot! ). They'll do fine :)

    And of course, you've got to get 1st day photos!

  5. Hey Hun! Girl, I know what you mean. You've done this a billion times and our kids are ridiculous resilient. Still, you can help feeling that bit of anxiety of what they'll experience. I'd give to have half of their toughness and adaptability!!! Kaia starts public school in 3 weeks...which means Mama's getting a bad case of "1st time riding a bus with big kids no less" and "big school" jitters! Again, yes, your kids are rockstars...from rockstar parents...so I wouldn't expect any less!!! Plus, the kids' adaptability to all the situations y'all have put them through speaks volumes to your parenting and how you've shown them to handle new situations and stresses. They'll DEFINITELY be A-OK!!

    At least we're all getting closer to predictable lives soon...right??

    Abrazos y besos!


Thank you.