i was...

a friday afternoon

...having flashbacks of lazy afternoons spent together this april.
military man was in a port far far away for a few days and we were able to hear each other's voice. we all needed a little of daddy, even if it was over the telephone.


  1. Awwww. These pics are so great! I love lazy days in the park!

  2. the pics are great, so full of life. funny the grape on there in the middle. hope you all are getting along well, know you are missing mm...have a great week!

  3. Great times Liza! And I remember MARS calling( don't know if they still do that, tho' ) I once called Pop collect...from Sardinia!-LOL!

  4. thought I'd give you the head's up that you are this week's TT sponsor!

    thanks for suggesting topics way back when!

  5. Great pictures Honey...I remember those days at our great neighborhood. Can't wait to be in Tampa one of these days...ahora estamos pasando por el canal...todo bien. Estranandolos muchos y contando los dias...love you MM

  6. @jules -- Lazy days are the best.

    @brian -- funny you noticed the grapes...snacks are a must on days like these.

    @subby -- I can't say that MARS ever called but maybe Jupiter. OOOHHH, that collect call must have been a doozy.

    @mouse -- I can't wait...Thanks for picking mine.

    @mm -- I knew you would like these. amo mucho...

  7. liza-LOL! And Pop never did tell me the amount. But I remember one guy having to cough up over $1500.00 when he got back! 'Course, we didn't have email then, either 8^O

  8. Love it!!! How much longer till y'all go overseas???

  9. Very nice layout! I hope your family gets to be all together soon :)


Thank you.