a mi querido....

A special message to miltary man...

hi honey,

I see that the navy's lovely email is as slow as ever. You've been checking and commenting here so i decided to send you a special note. You know we miss you like crazy that goes without saying. I'm just picturing the ride up to greet you when you get off the sub. It'll be a great drive down just catching up, listening to music or even the silence that happens when we get sick of the car because we are anxious to get to our destination.

Our kids are rock stars. They're adapting just fine, although, Cory misses IDS. I do, too. It has been great walking the halls of SJS or driving to places in town, reconnecting with our friends and family back home. I've missed them and it seems like they've missed us, too. The time apart has been hard but it has made us into the people we are today... strong, experienced and appreciative. Our strength has kept us connected, our experience has made us wiser and appreciation has kept us grounded.

I just wish you were on the ground here with us...amo mucho...C

and if you're wondering what "C " stands for my lips are sealed.


  1. i know...i know....i know what the "c" stands for.....lol ;-)

  2. Thank you honey. I am always watching your blog. For some reason is faster than email...understand about the C...love you...MM


Thank you.