Lizabee & co. is dying a slow death. I have started three different blog posts in the last three days one on weight gain, Nora Ephron movies and one on photography but deleted them all. They started off great but fizzled by the end of the first paragraph.

I've never considered myself a real author, so why keep it going?

Reason # one...for fear of not being a part of this phenomena. This great wave of feelings that are transmitted into space for all to see and comment. It's quite fun really, exhilerating at times to get a response to a random thought or activity no matter how obtuse it may be. It's reality at its best.

Reason # two...The separation from military man is hard, however, being back home has changed my point of view on things. It's as if I'm no longer looking at the world as an outsider. I feel more like a participant. I've allowed myself to be wrapped with this security blanket called home. Even though at times things have not exactly turned out the way I envisioned it. It still feels warm and cozy and safe. Everything is as it should be and it feels good.

Reason # three...Turning 39! Something just clicked in my brain and i've let go of the BS. I don't bother with the nonsense anymore and I'm much more conscious to state things in terms of what I want rather than what I don't want. Something that i've learned from reading scripture and The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This tip really helps in disciplining the kids. When something is stated in terms of what you want, it gives you and those around you a goal to work towards. This is what I want...

Happy Birthday

I'm keeping my eye on the ball.


  1. Love this post...especially #3!!! Plus, you're an awesome blog author...don't doubt that!!! Love the new photo, y'all are a ridiculously gorgeous family!!! MM is so lucky his wife looks like a 20-something!!! Could I use more exclamation points??? Hahahahaha. *big hugs*

  2. what a great looking family. i give up blogging frequently...then a couple hours later i post...great reasons.

  3. Great post and GREAT pic! I loved that book by Eckhart Tolle too!!

  4. liza I took to bloggin' as a means of self-therapy. It worked! I know what you go through every time MM deploys. Just to be able to share thoughts, to get them out there...where others have faced similar challenges. It's a sort of stress reliever, yes? And there are those of us that are with you in spirit and prayer, when we can't actually be there. Always remember that...

    You've got a tough job and kudos to you all, that you work it so well... :)

  5. @subby [eyes welling up] -- thank you for being so kind.

    @tanya -- thank you thank you thank you. a 20-something? don't forget I'm an expert at photo editing. = )

    @brian -- it's a good thing you never give it up.

    @jules -- I don't usually like self-help books but this one has provided so many good tools that it was worth downloading the podcasts with Oprah. How's the planning going?

  6. liza, now, now, no tears! At least not 'til the home-coming, right? You've a beautiful family, concentrate...you do fine :)

  7. THanks for the book recommendation, I'll check it out. I wonder quite frequently what keeps me blogging as well. I just took my first 4 day break in over a year, now I am back to the endless rambles of silliness that I was 5 days ago (LOL!)

  8. I am glad you are keeping it up! I can't wait to read your posts from Bella Napoli! Talk to you soon girl. I am a single (pregnant) Momma for 4 more weeks. I feel like such a Navy cliche. Pregnant Navy wife chasing around a preschooler. I just need the Navy sweatpants and the picture is complete!
    Love ya!

  9. I really enjoyed this post, Liza. You are a beautiful family. :)


Thank you.