theme thursday :: limousine

{a scene from a limousine and my favorite all time movie quote...}

Linus speaking into a dictophone while Fairchild drives him into the city...

Linus: Fairchild, I'll be needing you tonight.

Fairchild: [with a distinct british accent] yes, sir.

Linus: I'm taking Sabrina out again

Fairchild: yes, sir

Linus: Can you have her in my office at seven o'clock?

Fairchild: [rather abrubtly] yes, sir

Linus: Anything wrong fairchild?

Fairchild: I would very much prefer that you dispense with my services on these dates with my daughter, sir. It makes for a rather awkward situation.

Linus: Oh, I see. Well, it never occured to me I'm sorry.

Fairchild: It's just not right, sir. I like to think of life like a limousine. Though we are all driving together we must remember our places. There's a front seat and a back seat and a window in between.

Linus: Fairchild I never realized it before but you're a terrible snob!

Fairchild: [rather snobbish] Yes, sir.

Sabrina tribute here.

Living back in and around Palm Beach always reminds me of this quote. I remember visiting the mansions as a child completely awestruck knowing that I will always be a visitor.

And I'm absolutely fine with it!


  1. there are some amazing mansions down there...went driving on our last trip...wowo! saw trumps old place...yeah...trying to see if they willjust let us use a wing...

  2. @brian -- They're sweeping off your feet. We tried asking before, he likes to keep it all to himself.

  3. That's funny and sad and true all wrapped up in one.

  4. Great post - I have never seen "Sabrina". Guess I should rectify that!

  5. Places everyone...why not change up?

  6. liza, LOL! at the French dubbing over Audrey but at least it was from the original( haven't seen the remake and why bother, wot? ) Great reference to the theme :)

  7. Nice take on the theme, Liza! Happy TT!

  8. Oh, I adore this movie!! The original with Hepburn and Bogey is fabulous, but the remake is also dreamy.

  9. Now I must see the movie.
    And I think it's so funny how he acknowledged his snobbery.
    I was once called a "Stuck-up White B#$^&%".
    Double Ha!

  10. Ok... list of things to do today... go to the "Movie Gallery"... Great post!

  11. have only seen the remake, and i didn't care much for it. Also, this is the only guy i've ever heard of named Linus, other than Chuck's bud. Great TT post!

  12. I loved both versions of the movie but can't say, I care much for limousines. I find wealth and ostentation very intimidating. So often 'new money' shows poor taste. Lovely post tho and so cute that your Military Man comments!

  13. sabrina. i haven't seen that movie in a long time. i love that quote.

  14. I love that scene! Thanks for reminding me!

  15. On the road again...honey it was great been able to hear your and the kids voice again, even for a short period. I can't wait for the new episode in our life. ITALIA!!!!
    I will miss you guys a lot and looking forward to me coming home. Love you...MM

  16. wonderful post! I too love that movie!!


Thank you.