coming out...

out of the crafting closet. keeping busy with volunteering at school and the usual daily duties. It's always fun to see what a trip down to the local craft store brings out of us...

a little bit of mom...

and a little of the wonder kids.

woof, woof!


  1. hey, nice way to promote( now where's my card? ). And I keep getting a sign in box for a twitter account, on a pop-up! ??

  2. There're very few activities I enjoy more than a trip to the craft store with my little one!

  3. @brian -- rank rou.

    @tanya -- hello miss awesomeness. Thanks!

    @subby -- make sure to drop it in...I've added my tweets to my page but my twitter account is set to private. So, to see the tweets you have to sign in. No need to sign up for twitter if you don't want to.

    @leah -- just made another trip today. = )


Thank you.