fabulous footwear friday


laundry baskets put away = 1
house cleaning = no
errands ran = too many to count
dinner + a movie with just grown-ups = priceless

i did a little shopping at the local sandal factory to celebrate a quiet night out with mom without the wonder kids. we will be sending the kids to a parents night out function while grandma and i enjoy dinner + movie.

more about the shoes here. they are so much fun to wear around town...a true south florida original. i especially love getting things home grown or hand made.

i think wonder baby will be doning her own fabulous footwear, soon...very soon.


  1. Hah! I considered doing a post today on my 3 pairs of red shoes.

  2. enjoy the adult time. always important. we had date night tonight...movie + coffee.

  3. I'm wit hBrian on this; even us "big kids" need some time for ourselves, once in a while :)

  4. Those are CUTE shoes! And I love that pic! Glad you got some grown up time!!

  5. Can I go please...I would love to take care of the kids as well...Have fun and enjoy your time off...you deserve it...love you MM


Thank you.