under construction

Hi all,

If you're visiting and

the site is a little wonky (love this borrowed word from the brits),

lizabee & co. as well as exposures by liza is getting some work done.

By this time tomorrow I will have a new 'do...CAN'T WAIT!!!

Lyndsay and Susan at the lovely

created this simple and elegant template. Some of their great work is also featured in

nienie. Yes, I read nienie, their life puts my life to shame. There is no room for

complaints or pity parties for the nielson's. Well, with recovery, four children and fellowship

they have little room for that but I digress. I'm really happy with the header and my new
buttons. Check out the sidebar action and grap a link for yourself.


  1. Cool beans, liza! great start on the gallery and new header :)

  2. from what i see so far, it looks really cool. the simplicity of the header is beautiful.

  3. Okay everybody, I'm the queen of understatement. This is all she wrote. I love the new look with the little splashes of color. Thanks for the compliments...and subby love the new profile pic...too cute!!!

  4. liza, aw gee( blushes )!

    Hey! Word verify="spookin" and Halloween 'tisn't far away, muwahahaha!

  5. Hey Mama...looks fab!! Wouldn't expect any less from ya, though! Hope all is well!


Thank you.