are we killing the magazine industry with our blogging


here's a short list of publications that are folding...

Gourmet -- in publication for over 60 years
Cookie -- oh, where will indulgent working mothers go?
Modern Bride
Elegant Bride
Wondertime -- my personal favorite and miss it like crazy!!!
Ebony -- on the chopping block
Town & Country
Cottage Living
National Geographic Traveler

I know that from personal experience I haven't subscribed to a magazine since I started my blog. There has been so much fabulous content posted for free on the internet that I just haven't found it necessary to pay for the glossy pages from the stands let alone a magazine subscription. Another reason is my serious attempt in going green. I just didn't feel the need to have a magazine delivered to my house that will eventually end up in the recycling bin. To add to that, it's been years that I picked up a newspaper, except to use it for packing materials. It's sad to admit it but why hide the fact that we are in tough times both econonically and with the environment.

It's not helping those in journalism. Many are using this medium to help further their careers but are they hurting themselves along the way? Now, that's another debate. I've personally enjoyed their blogs and making connections with them. So, I hope they never stop. It's been a great way of putting a personal touch to their professional work. In addition, is it helping or hurting the photography business? Hum, another debate. There are so many images online one might say that it is saturated and extremely useful for individuals that may need an image to enhance a project.

Now, I'll stick to something I know. My simple life of blogging. I entered this world to enhance my relationships with those I loved, never imagining that I would be making connections with fabulously talented individuals that I would have never met. I'll never give it up.


  1. Oh yes...so true...Mary Engelbreit and Blueprint are gone, too. I guess it's like the newspapers...the internet is killing them, too.

  2. Unless playboy is folding up, I am not hurting any magazines! LOL!

  3. This is my industry, so sad =(

    When did Town & Country and NGT fold? How did I not know this???

  4. i do get Nat Geo:Adventure so i think that balances me out a bit. we get the paper on sunday occassionally so maybe that helps....sorry. lol.

  5. Have you seen


    I was SOOO sad to see Domino go.
    Le sigh.

  6. ...The good part is to going green!
    Somtimes you buy a magazin and have not the information what you need. In internet you can find what ever you vant.

  7. @betsy & becca -- three more to add to the list. Just checked out Lonnymag...I like it!!!!

    @otin -- LOL!!!!!!! I have no smarta#$ comebacks for that one. = )

    @kristin -- I was thinking of you when I wrote this. Check out his website dedicated to this topic. It's keeping a tally of folding mags.


    @webruci -- Yes!!! the internet saves a lot of time, too.

  8. @brian -- the guilt is killing me, too. I was such a magazine junkie.

  9. I am glad you are no longer a magazine junkie since I have to carry the trash cans to the street and they were heavy...counting the days and los veo pronto...besos a todos...mm

  10. I am glad you are no longer a magazine junkie since I have to carry the trash cans to the street and they were heavy...counting the days and los veo pronto...besos a todos...mm

  11. Ok, National Geographic is sad...but the others? Eh.

    P.S. My word verification is hooker. Really????

  12. @jules -- HOOKER! hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa! i just slightly wet myself.

  13. o, that is so sad! I never thought about the blogging effecting magazines but your so right.

  14. Maybe it is, but I still buy and read magazines when I can. The content is just so different than what I can access online. And at least you know you won't get any computer viruses reading them :)


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