count down

.count down.

in ten hours we will be a family again.
in ten hours we will be in each other's arms.
in ten hours there will be tears.
in ten hours there will be cheers.
in ten hours military man will be walking through the gates back into our lives.
in ten hours other passengers and families will see the joy in our eyes.
in ten hours we will be in the presence of a war hero.
in ten hours we will close a chapter of our story.
in ten hours we will meet again.


  1. Hello!

    Hope you enjoy these precious moments and wish for all the hours in world of family bliss and happiness!


  2. Glad to know you will be reunited soon... enjoy those magic moments!

  3. MM--welcome home and thank you for all you have done for our country! Glad you,liza and the family are back together again. Love and happiness to all-c

  4. How wonderful! These reunions always bring tears to my eyes when I see them on the television news or in person at the airport. Thanks your hubby for all of us...and enjoy!

  5. Eeeeeeeek! So exciting :) Great post!

  6. May u have many more hours to come!!! So happy to have
    him back:) see u soon!

  7. The things we take for granted...ten breaths, ten heart beats, ten moments together...you remind me to remember that life is precious, and moments together are even more so...I am happy for you all :)

  8. Thanks everybody! It was a wonderful day!


Thank you.