often times i want to be on topic. sometimes i choose to be witty. i always try to be honest but lately i've been absent. i have to admit that lately i've been absent (and repetitive). a post here...a comment there. blame it on adult ADD or the fact that military man's homecoming is a fews days away and i just can't sit still. it's been difficult to focus on anything and trying to read and catch up with my favorites has been very hard.

so, if you've missed my visits, lately, i'll be back soon...i promise.


  1. i saw the comment from MM the other day proclaiming you are down to single digits...really happy for you both!

  2. Thanks Brian! I told the kids only today after school...I didn't want to ruin the surprise. Boy Wonder's face lit up when I told him. It was the sweetest thing.


Thank you.