sick day

Wonder girl is home with a fever today. the poor thing has had this cold for a week and it's not going away. i have her in the bath splashing around and playing with her sister and bath toys while i clean up from the morning rush. it's helping with the fever and not to worry i'm only five feet away from the bathroom, well, within ear shot and in my view. she's singing and splashing and teaching her baby sister a few tricks but what's standing out to me the most is the change in her voice. she's growing into her little girl voice. she's sounds more articulate and grown up. i just love to hear her play make pretend with the figurines and include the baby in her world.

it's the cutest thing to hear. well, gotta go... she's out and wrapped in a towel asking me to smell her soap scented skin.


  1. Hello Liza
    I hope she's gets well.
    My twin gils has cold too, we worried because this swine flu virus. Thanks God they are well.
    Imagin two five years girl singing tne song of Mulan :-)))

    Have a nice week.

  2. Rather soothing to the ears, isn't it? Hope it's nothing serious, liza...take care :)

  3. too cute. hope she feels better soon. the flu is going around up here...yuck. all about my vitamin C as i dont want it! its fun to sit and listen to them play, their characters say some of the most amazing things!

  4. I wish she gets better soon...my little girl...she has a good heart...always looking out for both Cory and Nina...can't wait to see them...te quiero mucho...mm

  5. Awww! I hope she feels better soon!!

  6. a whole lot of kids are sick right now. I hope she gets over it quick!

  7. Hey! Found your blog through another site. Love it :D You're definitely a daily worthy blogger. Added you to my feed reader.

    Thanks for havin' me and hope to have you visit my bloggy. Have a great week.

  8. Feel better, Sweetie!!! Mama...make sure you stay healthy too!!


Thank you.