we've had a bit of catching up to do with the military man. we've been in full family mode and the kids and i are still in a tailspin. girl wonder has been in little girl heaven now that daddy's home. she is definitely a daddy's girl but she's starting to come back around to mommy. boy wonder has had some serious male bonding time but still curls up with me when dad's not around. wonder baby is catching on by taking cues from her big brother and sister. she warmed up to him really quickly. then there's us but i'll never kiss and tell.

our family has lots to be grateful for this holiday season and everthing has magically fallen into place.

lastly, i'm especially grateful for the comments on my last post. thank you for sharing in the moment and rooting for our little family!

[photo credit: Country Living]


  1. I'm thankful you're sharing all of your happiness with us!!!

  2. still smiling for you, and especially MM. while my exile was only 8 months, being a dad away from family is never fun. hope you have an amazing holiday

  3. Thank you for sharing .. I love love love your blog!!!!


Thank you.