the holiday cards orders

is it bad that even though i have branched out as a photographer that i'm my own worst customer? i'm definetely promoting holiday card portraits but the likelihood of sending my own cards is very little. bad, bad girl. the intention is there but with only FIFTEEN days until our big move to italy, my friends and family will most likely be getting a change of address card in the mail, instead.

in the meantime, i'm keeping busy with these gorgeous kids.



you see what i mean. they are beautiful but i'm biased. they're two of my best friends children. love these guys!!!

now, don't be like me get your cards out!


  1. If I sent cards, I'd DEFINITELY order from you...But I did retweet you, so everyone else can order.

    Good luck on the move.


  2. They are very beautiful. I'm sure the cards will be so sweet!

  3. gorgeous shots...hope the move goes well! been through that a few times....not fun...

  4. Holiday cards...ahhhh...those are a distant memory. I'm trying to break my 4 year hiatus and do them this year. ;o) Good luck on the move! It seems so many are moving right now...y'all, our BFFs in WA rotating out to shore tour, a JO on our boat, etc.!!!

  5. Oh I still have to finish making mine. Every single year I leave them til last minute and swear I'll start earlier next time. Yeah, that never happens.

    Those kids are so cute :)

  6. Beautiful blog, photos. Have a nice day Radka.

  7. Wow, the big move is coming up? I look forward to the images from Italy!!! Best of luck with all the prep :)

  8. Ah, yes.. the Christmas cards. I wish I was closer so you could capture my kids so beautifully. I've been trying to get a decent shot for a few weeks now! Now there's also that yummy pumpkin muffin recipe to add to my to-do list. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for a smooth overseas move!

  9. My wife says that I have made any comments since I cameback. This is not because I don't look at her blog every second. It is simply because I have the ability to tell her in person what this blog represents to me. It is like finding water in a desert, it is my home in the great world of cyberspace...thank you honey for keeping the blog running even when we are phase with an overseas move, new home, new people, new everything. Lack of my comments does not mean I am not looking at least 100 times a day...I love you and thank you for all you do for us...MM


Thank you.