hey, chingedy ching

Our most favorite christmas song ever! Turn up the volume and enjoy!

if you're wondering how this came to be our most favorite Christmas song, it happened about seven years ago while living in connecticut. wonder boy was about almost two when he heard it for the first time during the constant stream of christmas music on the radio. he would ask me to rewind it for him everytime it played, then cried when i told him i couldn't. that would make for a fun ride...not! but whenever it did play, i would crank up the volume for him. it's amazing how the memory of him singing in the backseat is still so vivid.

luckily, on one of our holiday ventures to nyc with friends, we happened to be in little italy. you guessed it, i marched into the first mom and pop store and found it.

so, there you have it...chingedy ching! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



our first road trips through italy have introduced us to some potential neighborhoods. i have to say that not all of italy is the tuscan dream that everbody escapes to when things have gone wrong but let's not tarnish the dream.

After, three hard core days of driving with the wonder kids sans realtor, we've narrowed it down to a favorite and now it's just a waiting game. the military housing game can be tricky.

now, what brings us back to the italian wonderland is sorrento. it was an instant love affair with this quaint city when we first visited two years ago. unfortunately, not a feasible housing contender no matter how much we try to convince ourselves that military man's commute wouldn't be "soooo bad." it is the quintessential italian town with its central square, cobblestone streets, narrow alleys and stylish people. we adore it there.

some views along the way...

majestic Vesuvius...

three sleeping bambinos in our green machine...

a sunny sunday to catch up on laundry and gossip...

the drive along side the autostrade....

pizza collage 1

pizza collage 2

a quick bite to eat...


buon natale...


from one happy family to be back to their most favorite place on earth!


bueno sere

just a quick note to say that we landed safely and that we're checking things out. first, thing on the list is to find a place to live. oh, what does italy have in store?


fortune cookies + flying

i hate to fly. we're only two days away from our big move and flight to italy and i'm losing hours of sleep. my fear and anxiety completely block my creativity (which explains my lapse in postings) and it takes great effort for me to get through my daily routine without an irrational thought creeping into my mind. i start losing sleep weeks before the flight and begin to practice all sorts of superstitious acts to ensure a safe flight. needless to say, hours are spent in deep prayer and meditation.

now, picture this. we're wrapping up a meal at one of my favorite asian inspired restaurtants. i unwrap a fortune cookie for girl wonder, read her fortune which makes no sense to the life a one year old but then i read mine and it says, "to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive." panic and anxiety ensues. military man and my mother look at me with a worried look in their faces because they now that i'm thinking of the worse. i can't sleep...irrational thoughts creep into my dreams...i'm scared out of my mind!

finally, i can't take it and before beginning to research the phrase, i repeat it a few times in my head and realize it's true meaning, that hope and anticipation is often better than the reality. how true is that! how many time do we get ourselves all worked up about an event and then when it's finally said and done, we realize that it was just, okay, not this great and magnificent thing that we imagined in our head. does this mean that living in italy is going to be just, okay? heck no! think deeeper.

The original phrase came from Robert Louis Stevenson, 1881: "Little do ye know your own blessedness for to travel hopeully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour." Stevenson was expressing the same ideas as the earlier Taoist saying, - "The journey is the reward."

it's all about the journey folks. i've been so wrapped up in life and my phobias that i've forgotten this fundamental message...to count my blessings, to forge through obstacles and to continue to take chances no matter how scary it may seem. it's not the fear of flying that is making me lose sleep. it's the anticipation of a new life for all of us.

it took a trip to pei wei to remind me of this.