hey, chingedy ching

Our most favorite christmas song ever! Turn up the volume and enjoy!

if you're wondering how this came to be our most favorite Christmas song, it happened about seven years ago while living in connecticut. wonder boy was about almost two when he heard it for the first time during the constant stream of christmas music on the radio. he would ask me to rewind it for him everytime it played, then cried when i told him i couldn't. that would make for a fun ride...not! but whenever it did play, i would crank up the volume for him. it's amazing how the memory of him singing in the backseat is still so vivid.

luckily, on one of our holiday ventures to nyc with friends, we happened to be in little italy. you guessed it, i marched into the first mom and pop store and found it.

so, there you have it...chingedy ching! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  1. Heh, heh! This is still a popular X-mas tune, here in Massachusetts, let me tell ya! Didn't know it was animated~HA! Hope you all are getting settled in okay and HAppy Christmas :)

  2. I LOVE it! I had never heard it before!!! But now it's one of my favorites too! Merry Christmas!

  3. nice. i have never heard it before...a new favorite...i hope you and your fam have an incredible christmas!

  4. @jules -- I see a new tune for tuesday...maybe, imaho Barbie on a donkey! LOL!

    @brian -- watching the kids still dance to this one after all these years still cracks me up! : )

  5. Merry Cristmas to you and your family!

    Health and happiness!

  6. Hadn't heard it before, but can see how it might become a new favorite! Hope you enjoyed Christmas.

  7. Hope life is treating you all well and best wishes for a prosperous and fantastic new year!!!


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