our first road trips through italy have introduced us to some potential neighborhoods. i have to say that not all of italy is the tuscan dream that everbody escapes to when things have gone wrong but let's not tarnish the dream.

After, three hard core days of driving with the wonder kids sans realtor, we've narrowed it down to a favorite and now it's just a waiting game. the military housing game can be tricky.

now, what brings us back to the italian wonderland is sorrento. it was an instant love affair with this quaint city when we first visited two years ago. unfortunately, not a feasible housing contender no matter how much we try to convince ourselves that military man's commute wouldn't be "soooo bad." it is the quintessential italian town with its central square, cobblestone streets, narrow alleys and stylish people. we adore it there.

some views along the way...

majestic Vesuvius...

three sleeping bambinos in our green machine...

a sunny sunday to catch up on laundry and gossip...

the drive along side the autostrade....

pizza collage 1

pizza collage 2

a quick bite to eat...


buon natale...


from one happy family to be back to their most favorite place on earth!


  1. It is too bad that we can't live there. I love that place...may be if I drive more like the italians!!!!

  2. glad to hear you have found a home..i do hope it comes through for you. wonderful pics! hope you have incredible holidays!

  3. I'm sorry to say I've been away from your blog for a little while and WOW do I have alot to catch up on! Sorrento looks so beautiful, your photos really capture it. How exciting you're there...now I have to read back a bit to see how/when you got there. God bless you and your family as you hunt for your new home.

  4. Awesome snaps and what a way to spend the holiday! And can I have a piece of that pizza? :P

    Hope you all get settled in( as one who's played the military housing game so often, as I ), and have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Ah, la Bella Italia! Hope you are very very happy. Oh, how I miss that blue, blue sea, the joy in peoples' faces, the love in the air! Merry Christmas - Eheh, Buon Natale.

  6. Such a wonderful place to live; I hope you feel happy there. Have a Buon Natale!

  7. So jealous!!! I'm so happy y'all are finally together and will be experiencing lots of new adventures together!!! Happy Holidays, Gorgeous!!!

  8. Buon Natale Bella! I know you are going to love it. I am jealous of the pizza situation. Hope housing works out quickly for you. Looks like we will not know about our housing until Jer gets out to Cali next week. (he is driving tomorrow). Y'all will be driving like locals in no time at all.
    baci per tutti!!!


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