kw 09 Our first real road trip as a family. It's actually a trip down memory lane to key west where military man + i lived before the kids arrived. boy wonder is our true souvenir... the one thing that we took with us, in addition to, albums filled of memories. we returned to key west a few days ago & we are enjoying the uber-relaxed attitude. even the internet is relaxed. The posts will be sporatic, please expect things to be back to normal when we get back home. In the meantime, enjoy this small glimpse of island living and bright colors.
kw 09
nims island, according to girl wonder
Picnik collage

i couldn't wait to visit and share with the kids my favorite part of town. the bahama village for some light shopping at besame mucho + serious food at blue heaven. two wonderful island indulgences.
now, we're off to a st. patrick's day parade.