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Hi all,

If you're visiting and

the site is a little wonky (love this borrowed word from the brits),

lizabee & co. as well as exposures by liza is getting some work done.

By this time tomorrow I will have a new 'do...CAN'T WAIT!!!

Lyndsay and Susan at the lovely

created this simple and elegant template. Some of their great work is also featured in

nienie. Yes, I read nienie, their life puts my life to shame. There is no room for

complaints or pity parties for the nielson's. Well, with recovery, four children and fellowship

they have little room for that but I digress. I'm really happy with the header and my new
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it's friday night

friday, sept 18

i'm in the mood for an outdoor concert downtown. now, if i had the time and unlimited budget to shop to my hearts content, i would get every one of these pretty little items for an outdoor concert with mom and kids. but for now i'll have to settle what's in my closet. i can hear the music, now.

for the fashionistas out there, everything was found on polyvore.com


theme thursday :: over the hill

[photo credit:: in touch]

over the hill

seasoned experienced

mapping living reflecting

forever young

more fabulous theme thursday players are found here.


the girls of summer

i've had a serious case of smell the rose-itis, especially when it comes to the kids and taking advantage of the things around us. the park has been our sanctuary, our retreat and with these hot summer days our relief. monday's soccer practice was proof of this. while wonder boy ran drills and played a little scrimmage, the girls splashed around, while, i had a little fun with my 70-300 mm lens. i forgotten the great pictures that can be captured with this one. like these...

summer is dangerously coming to an end but down here we can always manage to find a little sunshine.


if i could start all over...

i would do all of this.

I wish! maybe, all of our stuff will find a new home on it's way to italy.


fabulous footwear friday


laundry baskets put away = 1
house cleaning = no
errands ran = too many to count
dinner + a movie with just grown-ups = priceless

i did a little shopping at the local sandal factory to celebrate a quiet night out with mom without the wonder kids. we will be sending the kids to a parents night out function while grandma and i enjoy dinner + movie.

more about the shoes here. they are so much fun to wear around town...a true south florida original. i especially love getting things home grown or hand made.

i think wonder baby will be doning her own fabulous footwear, soon...very soon.


coming out...

out of the crafting closet. keeping busy with volunteering at school and the usual daily duties. It's always fun to see what a trip down to the local craft store brings out of us...

a little bit of mom...

and a little of the wonder kids.

woof, woof!


labor day weekend...

simply put, a fun weekend with the company i keep...

Picnik collage

both near and far, filled with giggles, puddles, rainstorms, flowers, time-outs, emails, sports and water parks. happy 12th anniversary military man!


theme thursday :: beginning


to start anew.

a fresh new perspective

to something once forgotten in

the past.

beginnings are great but looking at things from different angles makes them appear new and exciting. driving through places i've passed tens of thousands of times are looking new again. a new perspective is all i needed.