52 polaroids

a new project inspired by some great polaroid photographers. this little beauty has been in the bag with little use for almost a year. a mother's day present from military man.

so, here's the debut to polaroid weekly

no. 1

...the green machine.

this adorable fiat qubo has taken us everywhere. the color is hideous, yet, handy. there's not many highlighter green square cars in the parking lots. we spot it from a few kilometers away. we're secretly going to miss it when we have to return it to the rental agency. then we're back to just white.

it's raining again. it's actually misereable, wet and cold...very cold. i was hoping to do a daily photo project but i seem to be more motivated and inspired on sunny days. go figure...floridian.

wonder boy starts school tomorrow. we met his new teacher today, even though classes had resumed. we were lucky enough to catch her without the kids in class. boy wonder saw the classroom first hand and asked his own questions. after asking my own questions i found out that she's from my hometown...the one we just moved from...graduated from the highschool i attended freshmen and sophomore year. i consider this a sign that things will be all right. it breaks my heart that he starting another school in only 4 months of being in a new one. he was at his old school for four years before we moved out of florida but he's taking the change with a lot of maturity. i'm shocked at how good he's taking it. what a strong man he will grow up to be. i'm proud...very proud. now, wonder girl is having a tougher time. it's hard being four and yanked from your little world. she grew very close to her teachers and classmates. she still sings all the preschool songs and hymnals she learned while there. i'm sure going to miss that little uniform.

it's been a busy monday. we also did some house hunting and saw some homes...villas...that were off the hook. the cold and rain wasn't what i imagined italy would be like but these houses...now, that's what i'm talking about. the first house we toured is owned by a retired couple. the husband must have been marlon brando's voice coach for the godfather. loved the raspy voice. the house had a citrus orchard and two kitchens. the second home is a dream...alabaster walls, fireplace, pizza oven, wrought iron handrails, arbor over the front porch and views of the mediterranean. the landlord is adorable, too...the son of the owner toured the home with us toting his italian/english dictionary. he must of been in college and pinch his cheeks adorable.

well, i've digressed. catch 52 polaroids on tuesdays.


  1. hope that WB has a great first day at school! love the look of nostalgia in polaroids. glad to hear your transition seems to be going smooth. wishing the best for you and the fam.

  2. I am also extremely happy the kids are doing as good as they are doing...they have been through a long transition and one that even adults have a tough time going through...we need to keep the green machine as long as we can...

  3. Awwww....that's awesome that BW is doing great with the transition (like our oldest) but GW is having a tougher time (like our youngest). Still...GW has strong genes in her and it won't be long till she's A-OK again.

    Villas...OMG. When can I visit? How awesome do they sound???

    Looking forward to Tuesdays now!

    Happy New Year!

  4. noooooo! dont get rid of it! i (heart) that little matchbox! how cute and retro! i want one! lol
    glad u guys are doing well. tell the kids to check their blog. the girls wrote the other day. keep in touch...xo

  5. Sounds like all are adapting. Look forward to seeing your new adventure with your creative eye and wit :)

  6. I really like the polaroid. Impressive. Looking forward to seeing more. :)


Thank you.