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2010 snack time

Well, first of all, apart from the road trips and looking for a home to live, we've been living a normal life with it's own routine. wonder boy has been going to school and doing great. we've been having play dates, going to kindermusik classes, grocery shopping, doing laundry, budgeting, keeping with new year's resolutions and the many other ones that fill the day. whew! may i add, that budgeting has been the most important one be-cause, i've got to shop and we have a new continent to explore!

one of the newer things that i'm doing is studying italian. just started this week and i. love. it. i feel like a co-ed, again, but it also has me thinking of going forward with a master's. crazy isn't it? can i fill my plate with anything else. i will definitely try. i think it's the right thing to do, now. i'll keep exposures running but with financing four children {i have a step-daughter} through college, weddings, first cars, etc...a second {steady} income will be welcomed. so, i'm checking out my options and dusting off my BA in foreign language education and will be working on an appropriate master's.

one of my new year's resolution is to get my sugar level under controll. i've always expected that i may have a minor issue and it's not a body image concern. i think i have a problem and it's scaring me a little bit. just yesterday i was walking in a daze, my eyes felt glazed over. i came home and prepared myself a healty snack with some green tea and felt much less groggy. oh, the wonders of hitting forty. hmmm..... wow, i've gotten really personal. i must have a lot of things on my mind.

oh, by the way, have i told you that i was a high school spanish and french teacher in my previous life? well, i was... among other things. a woman's heart holds many secrets...this is a minor one.


  1. I should probably join you on that sugar thing....

  2. I get like that when I've gone with out food for too long. But as diabetes runs along on Mom's side, I do tend to watch my self more now. The pb and crackers usually do it 'til dinner. Or some juice...

  3. WOW honey...I am going to take care of you...In my eyes you will always be the one I met over 22 years ago...isn't it crazy that we have know each other that long...

  4. I'm betting you're finding Italian really easy, based on your background. I minored in French and considered teaching it, and I took Italian while on a college semester in Italy--it's such a beautiful language!


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