finding love in pisa

uploaded by liza.

i did some major editing today on the almost 500 pictures i took of our road trip to pisa. i'll post about that trip later because i can't decide what pictures to post of the family. my finger needs to stop clicking or maybe we need to start taking video. i couldn't resist this one, though, and the other version is my state of indecisiveness, lately. i can't decide which one i like more.

if you're wondering what actions i used because pictures don't normally come out looking that way, i heavily relied on the pioneer woman. she is so generous to post a set of actions for free on her website. you gotta love a country girl.

okay, here's the workflow... on these two pics i had to crop quit a bit. the image of the both of them was really far away and the background was over exposed or washed out. for the first one i made my own adjustments to the brightness, color and contrast before i applied pw's edge burn action. that helped with the over exposed background and made the couple stand out.

the second version was also processed the same with the exeption of applying pw's seventies actions and tweaking it a bit. i usually adjust the effect so that it's not so drastic. the edge burn action was applied last and voila an image with a vintage feel. i REALLY like them both.

this last one screams VALENTINES DAY. hope you catch his arrow!

{{if you're wondering, it's not me and the military man but our travel buddies we just met during orientation.}}


  1. Heh, heh. Like the last shot in particular, liza. One good thing about the digi-cams is the storage( I think I took well over 600 on my cross-country trip! )But then there's the editing~~OY!

  2. *love* How awesome for your travel buddies that they got some great photos out of the orientation?!?!


Thank you.