happy new year! buon anno! auguri

...as they say over here. wishing everybody all the best in 2010.

what can i say but i've been at a lose for words, lately. the move has me dazed and confused and a bit overwhelmed over the newness, the shift in expectations and the reality of it all. the novelty of living in italy has NOT rubbed off...no, not yet. the shift in expectations comes after realizing that housing arrangements will be tricky and complicated if we don't play our cards right. living anywhere outside of the US, space is an issue...knew that coming in...but really scared on the parking arrangements. i have seen the tight spaces that i would have to squeeze my car into on a daily basis and i'm convinced that parallel parking will become my specialty. finally, the reality of living outside of your comfort zone will either make or break me. i'm rooting for the former.

the weather in the area is wet and cold this time of year and getting out to explore the sights has been numbered. honestly, between the wet weather and our two week orientation we've had little time to take in what the local economy has to offer but at the same time we have all the information we need to make the transition a smooth one...information overload! now, it's just a question of what we want to do first.

today's wet weather kept us indoors the whole day. but we woke up in great spirits after ringing in the new year at a local restaurant dancing and eating alongside our warm and welcoming italian hosts. we felt right at home.

so, what do you do with three small kids while you're cooped up in temporary lodging with the basics? well...put on a puppet show! yeah, i was voting for curling under a blanket and reading that book you see in the picture but who am i kidding.

military man and i were treated to two shows. boy wonder and wonder girl each directed their own. pictures were encouraged...good thing.

what do you if you don't have puppets? well...make them yourself! love the swords made from pipe cleaners. see them on the good ship lollipop. that was girl wonder's ship.

boy wonder was orchestrating some sort of pirate tactical mission to blast the purple pearl. it was a great show!

now, it's off to bed for enough rest before our day trip into rome.


  1. lol. happy new year. love the puppet show as well. smiles.

  2. Great show! And we can take pictures! Best to you MM and the kiddies in the new decade, liza :)

  3. What? Italy is cold and wet? Hmmmm.....Not what I expected....

  4. Eheh! Those tight parking spaces must be the reason why the Italians prefer the scooters :) I love those stories. Happy New Year!

  5. I remember how nasty the weather was this time of year (we moved at the same time) and it does not help the adjustment at all!! Parking is scary but you will be surprised what you "learn" to do. Plus no one really parks properly anyway so you get a little more "freedom" to do as you wish! I love hearing your first impressions as I pretty much had the same ones 4 years ago. Does the boy start school today? They used to have play group on Thursdays at the gym on the base for non-school aged kids. It's a great way to meet some peeps. Baci!!


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